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Chanel n°5

Chanel N°5 , the most refined bouquet of essences

Chanel N°5, the most refined bouquet of essences, a sweet and provocative perfume, unique in its recipe, was born out of a romantic love...

The Lady Dior bag quintessence of savoir-faire

The Lady Dior bag is the quintessence of the Parisian Maison 's savoir-faire: its small dimensions encapsulate the stylistic codes that have made Dior...
Hermes: Birkin

The iconic Birkin bag by Hermès

In the luxury fashion scene, the Birkin bag by Hermès is a true symbol of elegance, craftsmanship and exclusivity. Since its creation in the...
Mirabello Carrara

Mirabello Carrara: Carrara Beach line

Funny spirit and lively soul: the Carrara Beach line was designed by Mirabello Carrara to experience the beach, boat or swimming pool with an...
Locheber Milano

Locherber Milan: Klìnto1817 and Tuscan Feeling

An immersion in the Tuscan countryside or among the vineyards of the Veneto hills? Easter means out-of-town trips and a little taste of holidays....

THUN: Fabulous Easter

White and smiling, cheerful and curious, the Joy bunny is always an icon for Easter at THUN. White and tenderly playful, she is ready...

AVRIL8790: Have some fun

AVRIL8790: a brand with a clear and distinct voice where knitwear becomes a sophisticated experiment in which the world of art is infused with...
Editions de Parfums

Perfume Editions: affinità elettive

A new concept is born on the occasion of Milan Design Week: the iconic perfume collection meets lighting design in an olfactory journey, created...
Venice Fashion Week

Venice Fashion Week 2023

The spring 2023 edition of Venice Fashion Week, which will take place from 30 March to 2 April in Venice, has been announced. A...

Tramarossa: Capsule Collection

Tramarossa, the historic Veneto-based denim brand, born at the hands of Vicenza tailor Urbano Chemello in 1967, proposes for Spring Summer 23 a collection...