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loft milanese

Giuseppe Tortato’s Milanese Loft

Enveloping elegance and impressive details interact in the Milanese loft created with sartorial attention by studio Giuseppe Tortato. A unique space, tailor-made to enhance...

Discover the Scandinavian-style Zefir Attic

Scandinavian style and eclectic taste dominate the design of the Zefir Attic in the new residential district of Lvivsky, in Kiev. A complex of...
dimora storica

Guests at Knud Hansen ‘s house in Denmark

Knud Hansen owns Hellerup Manor and he opens the door of his home. Every home contains a story, telling it in a vocabulary expressed...
open space minimal

Essential lines for open space minimal in Belgium

An minimal open space in Belgium was inspired by a the practice of decluttering, a conscious choice to eliminate the superfluous and embrace the...

Eclectic style for an industrial loft

A meeting of worlds and cultures, of distant countries and different eras. A difficult but perfectly successful dialogue in Hayloft, an industrial-style loft by...
decorate wall

Home decor: how to decorate wall behind the sofa

It is one of the most difficult areas to furnish: decorate the wall behind the sofa usually puts even the most imaginative of home decor...

Gucci Decor, the iconic homeware collection

In September for the maison Gucci a new challenge, that of entering the Home Decor market, with a collection of home furnishings, Gucci Decor, with...