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Home decor, ideas for stylish homes

A selection of home decor accessories made by some of the best companies in the sector with prestigious materials and exclusive workmanship. Objects in Murano glass, crystal, porcelain and marble, conceived to give a touch of style to environments, completing the furnishing of the home with objects with personality.

Article summary

  • Richard Ginori 1735 between classic and contemporary
  • The new Hermès collections
  • Crystal vases and lamps for St. Louis
  • Karim Rashid for Venetian Gold
  • Bisazza meets the creative flair of Fornasetti
  • The Art Glass of Venini
  • Tom Dixon, new life for marble dust
  • Villeroy & Boch, a refined and functional table service
  • Cassina presents exclusive tableware by Le Corbusier
  • Illulian and the Pantone colors 2021

Richard Ginori 1735 Between classic and contemporary home decor idee

The tableware collection The Voyage of Neptune by Richard Ginori 1735 is inspired by designer and artist Luke Edward Hall ‘s passion for Greco-Roman mythology and in particular for Neptune and Salacia, his bride. A creative vision in dialogue between classic and contemporary. Divinities caught in the ocean winds with billowing cloaks and chariots pulled by seahorses decorate the porcelain, rich in personality dictated by bold and unexpectedly intense colours. The protagonists of the Neptune ‘s Voyage collection are also other mythological characters such as Arion, with his golden zither riding a dolphin, and busts and heads adorned with crowns, corals and shells. A complete collection The collection includes special objects such as the Medici vase with handles that evoke the tail of the mermaid, the candle holder composed of three shells, plates, place cards, tea cups, teapots, trays, decorated with drawings of the gods that bring to mind the ancient bronze statues. A collection where the playful evocations of Luke Edward Hall, a mix of design and colour, are skilfully brought back to porcelain thanks to the craftsmanship of the Manifattura. A new way of expressing the mise en place by Ginori 1735modern, original, but above all personal, in line with the new trends in living.

The new Hermès collections

Hermès presented the new collections for the home 2020-21. Many proposals for home decor, such as the hand-embroidered cotton carpets of the Cordélie collection: Tremplin, H Vibration and Escalator. On a very resistant linen backing, the thin cotton cord traces the compositions imagined by Gianpaolo Pagni and Studio Hermès. A rare and meticulous embroidery technique. Three square boxes in solid wood (cassia, mahogany or sapodilla) with “full leather” lids interpret with leather inlay motifs inspired by the designs of jockeys’ tunics. The colour combinations are lively, made with leathers of different grains. Graphic and colourful combinations enhance a savoir-faire of excellence.

Crystal vases and lamps for St. Louis

La Cristallerie Saint-Louis presented the new collection of Matrice vases and lamps, designed by Dutch designer Kiki Van Eijk. The series, which also includes two limited edition coloured models, is inspired by a mould found in the manufacturer’s warehouse by the designer. “I remember my first trip to Saint-Louis very well,” says Kiki Van Eijk: “The train, the fields, then the forest and finally Saint-Louis-lès-Bitche. A village with its manufacture, like the set of a fairy tale. I visited the museum, the archives, the ateliers. I remember just as well when we passed quickly, at the end of our tour, in front of the shelves of moulds. I was surprised by my almost irresistible attraction to these hundreds of pieces. I thought of real queens creating shapes”.

Karim Rashid for Venetian Gold

Mr and Ms Globalove are two busts designed by Karim Rashiddepicting the stylised faces of a man (Rashid himself) and a woman. The two furnishing sculptures are made by combining some of the most precious varieties of marble: Carrara white, Maraquinia black and Portugal pink. The details are in stainless steel. The collection is made by the skilful hands of the master craftsmen of Venetian Gold. Company of San Giorgio di Nogaro (Udine) specialised in the working of natural stones.

“Fluidity, dynamism, visual consistency: these are the concepts”, says Margherita Andreola, owner of Venetian Gold, “with which Karim Rashid has moulded his designs” The objects in the “Venetian Gold” & Karim Rashid collection can also be made in sizes and colours on request

Bisazza meets the creative flair of Fornasetti

The collaboration between Fornasetti and Bisazza has resulted in a new series of mosaics that reproduce the characteristic dreamlike and fascinating images of the “Bisazza”Milanese Atelier. These are proposals of great decorative impact, which also acquire a strong cultural value thanks to the similar identities of the two brands, both of which have always been known for their collections with a high artisanal and artistic content. For the first time in large sizes, the Ortensia, Bocca ,Serratura, Soli and Capri patterns can be used in any living space, transforming it into a unique environment with a strong personality. The patterns in bisazza mosaic reproduce some of the most iconic figures from the Fornasetti universeThe patterns reproduce some of the most iconic figures: the mouth, the hypnotising gaze portrayed behind a keyhole, the enigmatic and refined face of Piero Fornasetti’s muse, the opera singer Lina Cavalieri who, in the Ortensia decoration, seems to timidly emerge from an explosion of pink and blue petals.

The sun is another protagonist in this collection. In the Soli a Capri decoration, a set of radiant suns, ironically portraying the face of Piero Fornasetti, illuminate a background in shades of blue or grey.

Art Glass by Venini

It is a craftsmanship that is renewed generation after generation, managing to bring together Murano’s manufacturing tradition and contemporary design, which it has been expressing for almost a hundred years through its Art Glass collections Veniniexpressed through its Art Glass collections. In fact, the works created in the furnace reinterpret ancient glassmaking techniques and experiment with new creative forms to express the excellence of Made in Italy.

The glassworks has decided to enhance its heritage by reintroducing some iconic pieces, interpreted with a new colour palette inspired by fashion trends. This includes the relaxing blue horizon and the warm shade ofamber. The project also includes combinations with Rosé andGrape, to create refined plays of colour.

Tom Dixon, new life for marble dust

The brand of the English designer Tom Dixon presents a new collection that combines extreme aesthetic refinement with a principle of circular economy, for a sustainable design. Marble dust, discarded in industrial processes, is in fact the recycled material used by Dixon to create the Swirl collection of coffee tables. The innovative production process foresees the reuse of these residues, mixed with pigments and resin to create blocks of material that can be sawn, cut and turned on a lathe. These multicoloured geometric blocks were then combined to create multidimensional, functional and eco-sustainable sculptures.

Villeroy & Boch, a refined and functional table service home decor idee

The Boule di Villeroy & BochLa Boule di Fornasetti, with its pure and essential form, is a complete, aesthetically refined and functional table service in a single object. Its story began in 1971, when designer Helen von Bochdesigned “Globe“, a porcelain sphere that made tableware history with its surprising and innovative concept. Nearly 50 years later, Villeroy & Boch presents a reinterpretation of it with La Boule.

The collection

La Boule “Memphis”

Available in four versions, the sphere is made of high quality porcelain and includes a table service for two people: two cups, two flat cups, two universal plates and a serving dish. Once closed, La Boule becomes a refined piece of furniture. The product is available, with a glossy or matt finish, in black and white striped, total white and total black versions. La Boule Memphis, on the other hand, is inspired by the characteristic colours and materials of Memphisthe Italian collective of postmodern design led by Ettore Sottsass.

Cassina presents exclusively the tableware designed by Le Corbusier

Cassina presents two table services designed by Le Corbusier, one of the masters of contemporary architecture. But also and author of furnishing elements that are part of the history of design.

Collection Chandigarth

The Collection Chandigarth, produced in collaboration with Ginori 1735 and a Le Corbusier Foundationcomprises three unglazed porcelain trays. The three objects reproduce, in low relief, some symbols designed for the walls of the buildings of Chandigarh: the open hand, the fish and the solar movement.

Service Prunier

The Prunier service, also made in collaboration with Ginori 1735 and the Le Corbusier Foundation, was originally designed for a tapestry in the restaurant’s private room in 1951. Ten years later, the owner asked Le Corbusier to design a table service for the restaurant. The request was to use the abstract motif of intertwined hands that was at the bottom of the tapestry. Today this service, used by Le Corbusier himself, is available to all lovers of fine architecture and exclusive design.

Illulian and the Pantone colours 2021

Proxima, Illulian carpet.

Illulian has created a new line of carpets reinterpreting some of its designs with the two colour shades chosen by thePantoneInstitute for theyear 2021. The colours, Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, appear to embody very well the contemporary spirit, mixed between crisis and hope. The models proposed offer different colour combinations. Some are monochromatic, bringing out the strength and glow of Illuminating yellow or the soft, mellow shade of UltimateGray . Others feature a combination of the two colours to create a chromatic composition that expresses strength and optimism The carpets are designed as unique pieces. They are made to measure for each individual customer, to meet any need. Hand-knotted and hand-carded, they are available in two qualities, Platinum 120 and Gold 100, and the colours used are vegetable.