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EGO Paris: Timeless Design

Discover our new Sutra 2023 products! Designed by the Parisian Studio 5.5, they will perfectly fit all your outdoor spaces: garden, balcony, terraces…

Double bench and footrest

A two-seater version of the low armchair by EGO Paris, this highly mobile bench will allow you to create convivial spaces in the most hidden corners of your garden. Its cushions are infinitely available in a mix of shapes and colors. It’s up to you to find the most beautiful harmony in the palette of our materials. The footrest complements the low armchair or the double bench. Its cushion is removable, so it can be transformed into a small side table.

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EGO Paris 


The Sutra low armchair is available in a suspended version for a moment of rest in weightlessness. An original piece to hang under a tree or a shelter to experience letting go for an improvised break.For an extra design touch, you can choose between three different backrest shapes. The hanging system is provided and mounted on the swing. It includes two ropes to tie around a branch, a hook… egoparis.com