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Design Fiction: Concept

At the DAYLIGHT space at Superstudio, ISIA Florence presents the Design Fiction project with concept by prof . Mirko Tattarini and a repertoire of projects developed by students of the Strategic Design course based on products by Mirabili Design.


14 armchairs hacked by as many designers from the Strategic Design course of the two-year master’s degree course at ISIA Florence. Each armchair features its own luminous symbiont. In the middle, the hybrid Planet Fiction Rug. With the objects, the narrative of 14 absent characters for an inclusive assembly of the third millennium: Design Fiction with roots in the solarpunk perspective. The installation is supported by content created through artificial intelligence systems and made available in augmented reality and other interactive modes. A project curated by Mirko Tattarini, in collaboration with Veronica Bogao and Francesco Bonomi, conducted for the debut of MIRABILI DESIGN by Formitalia Luxury Group.


Having accepted the unsustainability inherent to the discipline of design (at least in its initial institutionalisation), we consider that extending the life cycle of objects, starting from their conception, is the primary key to beginning to write a second history of design. Only in this way will we be able to intervene in the deep chain of the product system and return to exporting good material culture into the future, instead of just waste. Hacking an object means interpreting it differently from what was envisaged in its first design, revealing its options, broadening its horizon of use, thus extending its life by defeating perceived obsolescence. The same one that leads to discarding things that would still have much to give. With this project we embrace the idea of defining a more desirable future through objects and promote a generation of furnishings that are not definitive, open and ready to be interpreted, even in their use. The time of the recombinant project. Long live change. Long live with change.


A storytelling-ready data rug consisting of 26 different tiles containing infographics on climate change and the migration it can generate. The rug thus becomes an opportunity to experience the floor in terms of relaxation but also a pretext to remember, discuss and generate awareness, especially in the younger generation. The carpet is a concept by Mirko Tattarini, with the collaboration of Veronica Bogao and Elisabetta Mucci in the manipulation of materials and processing technologies. The different tesserae that make up the carpet were made by MOST, a workshop specialising in high-end processing and finishing using advanced technologies. MOST is a company active in the processing and finishing of materials and accessories destined for the luxury and haute couture sectors, which, through the PLANET-FICTION carpet, showcases possible applications in the furnishing sector. Some of the carpet’s woven elements are made by MANUSA, a social cooperative that combines textile craftsmanship and ethical and social values, creating products that narrate paths of social redemption, stylistic research and quality. The carpet also uses fabrics and yarns produced by Fratelli Bacci Filati, a historic company founded in 1916 that has been producing uninterruptedly ever since, thanks to a strategy oriented towards quality and excellence.

ISIA Florence

With this initiative, ISIA Firenze confirms itspresence at the Fuorisalone in Milan, affirming its role in the field of design culture and didactics.

ISIA Firenze, Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche (Higher Institute for Artistic Industries), is a public institute ofuniversity level included in the AFAM – Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale (Higher Education in Art and Music) sector of the Ministry of University and Research. Its director is Francesco Fumelli and its president is Rosa Maria Di Giorgi . ISIA offers a range of training courses divided into three-year and two-year specialised courses in Product and Communication Design. The Institute, founded in 1975 with the aim of training new generations of professional designers, is a modern school whose activity has always been aimed at technological and stylistic innovation. For more than forty years, therefore, ISIA Firenze has been preparing its students to become designers capable of formulating avant-garde, sustainableprojects , capable of providing comfort suited to the contemporary way of life and creative technical solutions from a careful study of both humanistic, social and technological aspects. designfiction.it