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Architecture, design and philosophy of next-generation open-air hospitality in an exclusive Glamping Venue in Piazza del Cannone, with all the Italian players in the open-air accommodation sector .Crippaconcept, the most important Italian player in the design and production of Made in Italy mobile homes and lodge tents for next-generation open-air receptivity, returns to Milan Design Week 2023, from 17 to 23 April.

It will be present with many novelties that will populate the exhibition space inside the DDN HUB, at the Castello Sforzesco, Piazza del Cannone: a completely walkable architectural installation that reproduces glamping accommodation in the heart of Milan, to bring passers-by closer and let them discover what it means to have an excellent open-air holiday. In particular, on 20 April 2023, all the major Italian players in the open-air accommodation sector will gather here for an unmissable special event.

Crippaconcept’s presence is summed up in the formula ‘OPEN AIR DESIGN VISION’, which means revolutionary ideas and future visions, but also style, elegance and beauty. A project that synthesises the scientific and architectural research and concrete development of the company, introduced in recent years, combining the aesthetics and design of mobile living units with the minimisation of environmental impact. Created using natural, recycled and recyclable materials, designed with an ergonomic approach, with an overall vision that conceives mobile homes and lodge tents as an integral part of a broad landscape project with a low environmental impact, both in the internal equipment of the mobile home unit and in the context of the glamping village and tourist village, which are – in turn – increasingly adopting strategies of environmental sustainability and compensation to regenerate the resources consumed within them.

Four years after its ‘first time’, in 2019, when excellent open-air tourism was a little-known sector in Italy, outside the circle of enthusiasts, Crippaconcept is back with its mobile accommodation units, in a completely changed landscape: the last two years, in fact, thanks to the characteristics of the open-air holiday combined with the historical context, have been an unprecedented catalyst, attracting tourists of all ages and types (families, couples, singles, etc.). This return aims to recount how the architecture, design and values of this new generation of hospitality have evolved.

Sergio Redaelli, CEO Crippaconcept, anticipates the participation with a comment:“Our presence at Milan Design Week has an even more important value than 2019: we are returning after four very intense years, in which we have worked tirelessly to ensure that our customers are able to welcome all the tourists who have appreciated this form of tourism immersed in nature, attentive to privacy and personal space, rich in food and wine research, entertainment, sport, wellness and culture. We are at a new beginning, at a new life – like everyone else – never the same as before, to tell who we are, what the industry is today with the help of all the most important Italian and foreign experts: from the academic world to the major open-air tourism groups, from architects and landscape architects to local government representatives, to try and tell what the open-air system of the future is with the trends and data we have available. Where we were and where we are going, and where future developments are taking us or want to take us.”


OPEN AIR DESIGN VISION: THE TALK – Piazza del Cannone, Milan – 20 APRIL h.1500

Theexhibition space will be accompanied by an impressive cultural and technical programme, with a special event on the afternoon of 20 April. Before the definitive start of the 2023 summer season, Crippaconcept will bring together in Milan the entire world of Italian and European open-air tourism, with discussion and training meetings dedicated to insiders, the press, architects and planners, and to the public wishing to discover the role and the environmental, economic and cultural spin-offs of the sector in our country. An important talk dedicated to glamour camping will focus on how landscape design improves the wellbeing of tourists through positive climate solutions, on participatory processes that lead to sustainable and measurable development, even on holiday: innovating in line with nature and promoting collaborative practices create unique and eco-friendly experiences for tourists in Open Air Villages and Glamour Camping holidays. Another distinctive element will be the theme of co-creation with the customer, an active player in the design process to meet the needs of contemporary tourists through the functional and stylistic solutions that emerge from listening to and talking to the entrepreneurs who are our customers.



The new mobile home FREEDHOME 2: an ode to our roots and a revolutionary vision of the future of Open Air Design. Architect Roberto Perego reinterprets one of Crippaconcept’s early masterpieces, creating a unique experience for the new generation of open air tourism. The iconic design of the FREEDHOME 2 combines the charm of the past with conscious innovation. Through the use of natural materials such as wood and recycled materials, an avant-garde model is born, perfectly in line with the growing concern for the environment and the reduction of environmental impact. Architect Perego, with his touch, celebrates the tradition of Crippaconcept, guaranteeing meticulous attention to the needs of customers and the expectations of their guests. The new FreedHome 2 format offers a wide range of configurations, allowing the living experience to be customised to the needs of each campsite.

FREEDHOME2 – The Comfort of camping is the evolution of open air tourism that combines design, comfort and environmental awareness for a new open air holiday experience in nature. Discover the fascination of Open Air Design Vision with Crippaconcept at Milan Design Week 2023 means discovering mobile accommodations, natural materials, architecture, landscape, energy awareness for a unique open air holiday experience. We are working to create an unforgettable experience that will surprise and excite .

About CRIPPACONCEPT: The company, an avant-garde Italian industry with an artisanal heart, is today one of the most interesting research and development centres in Europe for the most innovative open-air tourism sector. Its mobile creations, synonymous with elegance, are the protagonists of living arrangements for the most innovative camping villages and holiday parks in Italy and abroad. Crippaconcept is known for the excellence of its finishes, the quality of its materials, and its aesthetic sensitivity in a design that combines beauty, comfort and environmental sustainability. The company has developed its know-how in the open-air sector over more than fifty years of history. In fact, the company’s foundation dates back to 1970, when the Sorelle Crippa founded the first workshop for manufacturing technical fabrics for camping tents in Carate Brianza. Forty years later, the company also expanded to Torre d’Isola (PV), Croatia and Holland. Sergio Redaelli, who heads it today, became its director in 2010. Crippaconcept employs over 300 people in five locations. It designs and creates with the future in mind, to provide Made in Italy glamping solutions that guarantee a comfortable and unforgettable open-air holiday experience. A brand that has always guaranteed reliable services, present and active on both physical and digital channels.

Find out more at www.crippaconcept.com