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ALTO Studio: Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda

From the experience of Ciarmoli Queda Studio comes ALTO Studio, ambassador of Italian design. ALTO Studio, the new reality founded by Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda, is born from a story of encounters, vision and sharing. It is the natural evolution and new piece of the experience of Ciarmoli Queda Studio, together with Marina Procopiou Lauritzen.

The meeting with the Athenian entrepreneur, which took place more than 10 years ago, has given rise to a collaboration that has grown over time, through multiple projects with the common denominator of beauty, and has now reached its maturity with the birth of ALTO Studio. The three partners have created a new multifaceted reality that starts as a design studio to see new and multifaceted opportunities in the near future.

ALTO Studio was born as a further stage in the intense professional journey of Ciarmoli Queda Studio, founded in Milan in 2009 by Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda, which has always been active in the pursuit of quality focused on details, new materials, and craftsmanship, with an unmistakable attention and elegance matured also thanks to a significant background alongside the protagonists of fashion and luxury, characterised by important collaborations in every field of design and countless projects of international scope.

Vision, art, transversality, emotion, uniqueness: these are the pillars on which ALTO Studio is founded, which wants to explore every possible source of creativity with a multidisciplinary outlook, aimed at creating new dimensions and applications, in dialogue with a multiplicity of voices and cultures, to address an attentive public in search of contents that add something new and personal, for projects ranging from residential to nautical, from hotel to retail, up to product design for international brands. The new Alto Studio logo encapsulates an essential graphic expression and the idea of timeless aesthetics that characterises the work of Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda.

The team

Simone Ciarmoli

Born in Milan, he gained his professional experience in the Armani Group, where he held the position of Art Director. He developed design standards through visual design, visual merchandising and graphic design projects. His ability to interpret client concepts has allowed him over time to forge prestigious collaborations with the likes of Fuksas, Tadao Ando, Michael Gabellini and Claudio Silvestrin for the Armani Group’s various interior projects. Through his meeting with Miguel Queda and the birth of Studio Ciarmoli Queda, he has broadened his horizons to include all types of activities that require a strong, authentic, original visual and material identity. Simone seamlessly blends architectural elements with aesthetics, creating the perfect balance between an idea and its realisation.

Miguel Queda

He moved from Porto to Milan at a young age to study design. He subsequently worked for several fashion houses, including Ferrè, Prada and Valentino where he developed significant experience in the textile industry. His skills lie in the research of materials and fabrics to mould them to shapes, starting from freehand drawing to identify furnishings, objects and harmonious spaces, with a vision strongly focused on utilisation, aesthetic content and a quality of execution. He put all his years of experience with numerous textile manufacturers into designing projects of international scope and appeal, and in 2009 founded the multidisciplinary Ciarmoli Queda Studio in Milan with Simone Ciarmoli.

Marina Procopiou Lauritzen

A young entrepreneur and mother of four, with a background in shipping and a passion for art, Marina obtained a degree in art and psychology in the UK followed by a master’s degree in shipping, trade and finance. She has been working in the family shipping business since 2006 and has recently founded a new company. At the same time, she is actively involved in the family’s real estate portfolio, leading a number of projects including new constructions, renovations, rentals and other real estate development projects in Greece and abroad. Over the past decade, Simone and Miguel have worked with her on several real estate projects, sharing a passion for creating harmonious, innovative and beautiful environments, always respecting nature and taking advantage of the latest trends in technology and materials. altostudio.com