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Mediterranean Hospitality Management & Consulting

Mediterranean Hospitality Management & Consulting manages a portfolio of luxury and premium hotels in Calabria on the Costa degli Dei: Capovaticano Resort Thalasso Spa; Villa Paola in Tropea; Baia del Sole Resort.

Capovaticano Resort Thalasso Spa

Capovaticano Resort Th alasso Spa, the first wellness destination on the Tyrrhenian coast in Calabria at Capo Vaticano on the Costa degli Dei, is the hotel where you can experience new forms of luxury on holiday, reconnecting with the rhythms, beauty and benefits of nature. Sensory immersion and connection with nature are the key elements of a stay at Capovaticano. A wellness resort where you can regenerate in a unique natural setting with a breathtaking view of the Stromboli volcano. Guests can nourish body and mind, discovering the area in an authentic way, through local cuisine and wine, practising yoga at sunset, enjoying massages in the open air overlooking the sea or specific treatments in the Thalasso Spa, unique in Calabria. Legend has it that even Ulysses passed by the prophetess to ask for a prophecy ( Vaticinium is in fact the origin of the name of Capo Vaticano) and that he was captivated by the sunsets over Stromboli, the volcano that rises right in front of the Capo Vaticano promontory and is also visible from the resort.

Mediterranean Hospitality Management & Consulting

Wellness in the kitchen in the Mantineo, Stromboli and Strombolicchio restaurants

The four restaurants in Capovaticano offer only dishes made with local products, with a focus on ingredients forgotten by modern cuisine or considered poor. Thanks to the skill of the chefs, even a cuisine as demanding and rich in flavour as traditional Calabrian cuisine becomes light and ‘healthy’.

Villa Paola in Tropea

Villa Paola, a charming hotel in Tropea in Calabria, confirms itself as the most refined and charming address in Calabria: a new benchmark for premium hospitality in Southern Italy. A place that enraptures with its ecstatic beauty, thanks to a breathtaking view over the blue sea of Tropea and the marvellous seven-terraced garden, rich in Mediterranean plants and tropical varieties. A rarefied atmosphere that guests breathe in as soon as they cross the entrance gate of theancient convent, inhabited in the 16th century by the Minim friars of the order founded by Saint Francis of Paola. Perched on a cliff, from its terraces and from its infinity pool it is possible to admire not only the blue sea of the Costa degli Dei, but also the ancient walls of the village of Tropea, one of the most picturesque in Italy. A boutique hotel with only 12 rooms where you can take refuge amidst the suggestions of its past, in the name of “dolce far niente”, contemplation of beauty and privacy, pampered by a discreet but attentive staff. A profound sense of harmony is also breathed into the cuisine of thede‘ Minimi restaurant. Restaurant de’ Minimi offers innovative and authentic cuisine, linked to the territory. 96% of the ingredients used in the restaurant are of regional production, 60% of these have organic certification, and 57% of the suppliers come from an area within 50 km of the property.

At lunchtime and for aperitifs, the kitchen offers street food in a de’ Minimi key, i.e. traditional Calabrian products and the ‘strettissimo magro’ in the ‘Streetissimi’ format. The ‘stratissimo magro’ was the cuisine of the friars, codified by the Calabrian friar St Francis of Paola more than 500 years ago: the true ancestor of the Mediterranean diet with fish, lots of vegetables, pulses and cereals and a lot of imagination in the kitchen. Shared Moroccan ‘meze’ style dishes are made with poor ingredients in tasty recipes, encouraging the rediscovery of the taste for conviviality and good drinking. Villa Paola’s wine cellar is also an expression of the excellence of the Calabrian territory, one of the oldest wine-growing regions in Italy. For the 2023 season, Villa Paola is organising a series of meetings and tastings with the most virtuous Calabrian wineries, which are an expression of local DOC wines: Cirò, Greco di Bianco, and other lesser-known varieties. Among the latest ‘discoveries’ of the de’ Minimi winery is the Moscato passito di Saracena by Cantine Viola.

Mediterranean Hospitality Management & Consulting

Baia del Sole Resort, Ricadi

Baia del Sole Resort is located directly on the sea along the beautiful coast between Tropea and Capo Vaticano, perfect for a family holiday. The private park of over 25,000m2, the private beach and the sea-view swimming pool are the strong points of a hotel that is ideal for sports enthusiasts. Baia del Sole has two sea-view restaurants, ‘Le Pignate’ and ‘Le Giare’, where you can enjoy Calabrian dishes prepared with 0 km products, straight from the garden. The Baia del Sole’s marvellous garden, a true example of the chicest Calabria, with Mediterranean and tropical plants, is perfect for enjoying relaxation and the open-air life. Mediterranean Hospitality Management & Consulting is committed to promoting Calabria and its territory, also through the promotion and support of events and cultural manifestations such as “Avvistamenti Teatrali” and the “Casa Berto”Festival.

“We have chosen to invest in creating value in Calabria, one of the most fascinating and lesser-known regions in Italy, to bring to light its immense natural, historical and cultural heritage. explains Luca Giuliano, CEO of Mediterranean Hospitality & Management Consulting – Faithful to our mission of creating an ecosystem of beauty, which combines hospitality, culture, experiences, and valorisation of territories, we have initiated a virtuous exchange with local excellences: both with suppliers (96% of our food & beverage suppliers are Calabrian) and with the cultural partners that we concretely support.
I believe that events such as Casa Berto and Theatre Sightings are vital lymph for a new tourism in Calabria and organic (or complementary) to the type of experiential hospitality we wish to offer our guests, which is why our relationship with these associations will be increasingly synergic.”

Mediterranean Hospitality Management & Consulting

Mediterranean Hospitality Management & Consulting deals with hotel management of accommodation facilities belonging to the premium and luxury range with a precise lifestyle and wellness characterisation, backed by a hotel tradition with over forty years of history. The group’s objective is to create competitive advantages for hotels through the provision of innovative high-level hospitalitỳ services, oriented towards personal well-being and the offer of local and authentic experiences. Hotel portfolio: Capovaticano Resort Thalasso Spa; BaiadelSole Resort; Villa Paola in Tropea. mediterranean-hospitality.com