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Modulnova: Blade Lab kitchen

The beauty expressed by natural materials, elegant colours and system innovation define the visual order of Modulnova‘s new Blade Lab programme. Research and innovation in materials and systems characterise this new Blade Lab programme. An important island with magnetic appeal, storage spaces concealed by an apparent wall covering and a large wine cellar coexist in a single room. The central element of the system is the Blade Lab island in flamed Piasentina stone. The monolith is embellished by the millerighe workmanship that gives it dynamism and elegance and by a light integrated in the block that enhances the materiality of the stone.

A series of Blade Lacquered Metal Ivory floor-to-ceiling columns delineate the environment, integrating into the volumes of the architectural space. To the right of the island is the large wine cellar protected by a glass wall with a hinged door. The wine cellar is completed with a refrigerated wine cabinet that can be customised in size, depth and back. The latter can be made in the same finish as the island to emphasise the harmony that defines the entire project, achieved thanks to the choice of materials, finishes and volumes that make the Blade Lab programme an avant-garde, high-performance composition. The new Solid inter-wall system with vertical slats in Grey Walnut wood, present behind the island and inside the cellar, provides linear solutions for the internal organisation of the rooms. The integrated LED illuminates the structure, giving it a highly scenic character.

Solid can fulfil multiple design functions, representing an interesting opportunity to characterise space. It can be used as a decorative element to create a play of light and shadow, as a functional element for room partitioning or as a wall unit. Thanks to its extreme versatility, the Blade Lab programme is customisable in terms of materials and finishes and can be reinterpreted according to different design requirements.

Designer: Carlo Presotto and Andrea Bassanello


Modulnova was founded in 1988 in Prata di Pordenone on the initiative of three brothers: Dario, Giuseppe and Carlo Presotto, today respectively President, CEO and R&D Manager. Ever since the choice of name, the aim has been to propose a new design for the kitchen environment that could satisfy stylistic and functional requirements with taste and formal rigour. A sartorial approach that characterises, today, the company’s entire proposal: born in fact with the production of kitchen systems, Modulnova has subsequently explored the bathroom (2000) and living (2011) sectors as well: collections designed to define welcoming and cared-for atmospheres in perfect harmony with the style that already characterised the kitchen systems. Today Modulnova is a leader in design furniture and an expression of Made in Italy: from the kitchen to the bathroom to the living room, now increasingly connected, Modulnova proposes living solutions for contemporary home living, a design mood in which essential design, fine finishes and the high quality and originality of the materials used come together to create an authentic Modulnova lifestyle. modulnova.it