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Isoplam: with Skygrip, style acquires refinement

Resistant, non-slip, quick to create and with an incisive aesthetic, the new creative outdoor cement designed by Isoplam is characterised by a material finish with a remarkable tactile and visual perception, giving spaces such as driveways and gardens a strong personality. Clean lines, attention to detail, a desire for materiality and comfort: with its eclectic character, the contemporary style confirms itself as a mainstay in the world of design, thanks to its inclination to embrace the latest furnishing trends and highlight the qualities of an environment with extreme simplicity. A style that is capable not only of enriching interiors, but also of connoting theoutdoors beautifully, transforming a dull and anonymous outdoor space into a modern and lively place. To renovate driveways, porches, gardens, swimming pools, squares and walkways with a durable flooring with a contemporary look, Isoplam presents a new outdoor version of Creative Cement, which stands out for its very low thickness, a textured finish with great tactile appeal and excellent non-slip properties: Skygrip.

A skilful interplay of reliefs, shades and colours

Characterised by a special three-dimensional effect that emphasises every relief on the surface, Skygrip is a cladding that in just 2 mm gives the room a pleasant perception both to the touch and to the eye. The result is a continuous rough and textured decoration that gives the outdoor area a bold yet refined personality. A penetrating mix of shapes and shades that breaks through the geometries of contemporary style with delicate liveliness, making them even more contemporary. The different colours and finishes in which it is available allow Skygrip to skilfully connote any type of outdoor space, whether public or private. Thehigh aesthetic impact is combined with the excellent technical performance of this new product by Isoplam, to respond to the needs of places that are always exposed to climatic variations, as well as to frequentation and conviviality.

IsoplamNon-slip and resistant for any type of exterior

Being extremely thin, Skygrip lends itself perfectly to situations with thickness and weight limitations, such as in redevelopments. It can therefore also be applied over existing floors, without the need to remove or demolish them, and with a net saving in time and costs. For example on ceramic, tile, marble, cement, sand-cement screed or self-levelling. Its excellent performance in terms of resistance to wear, chemicals, weathering, abrasion, cracking and frost makes it ideal not only for residential exteriors, but also in high-traffic contexts such as urban spaces, playgrounds, theme parks, holiday villages, car parks and more. The non-slip and anti-skid properties, as well as water resistance, make Skygrip the best floor covering for swimming pool surrounds and adjacent walkways, but also for indoor environments subject to high humidity, such as spas, changing rooms and indoor swimming pools. Theabsence of joints makes the decorative surface easy to clean and the water-based formaldehyde-free composition does not release substances that are hazardous to people’s health and the environment, in compliance with the latest safety and well-being regulations.

ISOPLAM Concreativity

The strength of cement meets creativity

A pioneer in the field of cement-based continuous floor and wall coverings, Isoplam designs and develops highly creative decorative surfaces that can be customised through an infinite range of colours, effects and textures. Low V.O.C. emissions and the absence of formaldehyde guarantee the sustainability of its solutions, which are also characterised by the use of natural inserts and water-based products. Forty years of experience, innovation and competence always at the service of design professionals. isoplam.it