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Giovanni Pizzi creates light sources

Giovanni Pizzi is a light inventor and has always worked with light sources. After collaborating for several years with the most important companies in the design sector, where he firmed many of the most technologically advanced lamps, he now, free of contractual commitments, founds JF, a young company, created to create new lighting solutions with innovative technical features and manufactured in full respect of the environment and Ecode- sign standards. The sofiesty image and warm, striking effects make these lamps top-quality light sources. No_Wind with H20, Mia and P8 are the stars of this new production reality. Light is for Giovanni Pizzi a simple vision of the future and a sun inside a dress to be switched on and offat will.

No_Wild lamp, a light in a glass

No_Wind was born from a gust of wind and a gesture, the extinguishing of a candle fire placed in a glass. Handcrafted in Italy, No_Wind is a portable lamp with a warm white light. The body is made of iron, smooth powder-coated and contains the electronics while the core is made of cast and satin-finished PPA. Its base with integrated wireless charging system enables fast recharging and efficient and long-lasting light performance. Produced in various colours, it can also be supplied customised.

H2O lamp, a light in water by Giovanni Pizzi

H2O is a lamp designed for use in swimming pools. The shape and dimensions are identical to the NO_Wind model. IP68 performance. Floating in the pool with its magical effects H2O will share two essential elements of life “Light and Water”.

Mia lamp, a light in bloom

The photo of a fire with a slender stem supporting a white bowed head irradiated by the sun is the inspiration behind Mia, a new lamp characterised by an intense beam of light. Mia is a portable LED lamp with high colour rendering and warm white light that can be recharged wirelessly in about 4 hours and is managed and controlled by a microprocessor. It is activated by a button. The body is made of smooth powder-coated iron while the core is generated by a light guide. Made in various standard colours, it can also be supplied customised.

Lamp P8, a light in the hat by Giovanni Pizzi

P8 is a directional table lamp, which allows the light beam to be directed where it is needed. Its parabola is adjustable thanks to the application of a magnet. Wireless power supply. Produced in different chrome finishes, from copper and gold to black and dark brown. jfdesigner.co.uk