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Convey the new wave of Design Companies

Thirteen CONVEY design companies will occupy the spaces of the BasicVillage from 17 to 23 April: Very Simple: Kitchen, Vero, NM3, 6am, Redduo, Marimar, Marco Ripa, Forma&Cemento, Dante Negro, Sunnei, Wood Skin, Stamuli, Bloc Studios.

Convey, a project conceived, curated and promoted by Simple Flair and Very Simple Kitchen, was created as a platform for independent brands that have started to write their own story from a contemporary approach to their target audience. Companies that have been able to unite communication, product and a sense of belonging devoted first and foremost to the values that the brand itself represents. Projects that today are growing organically, outside the conventional logic of the design system, and are finding a positive response both in the homes of their customers and above all in the desire of these customers to feel represented by these brands. It is precisely in this delicate transition that CONVEY supports them, accelerating their growth path, creating networks, making a system and finding spaces where they can exhibit, share values and targets, generating a virtuous system that makes each individual brand stronger but connected to the communities of every other protagonist in this new scenario. A new wave of contemporary design has begun, a real, true, pragmatic, yet visionary current that knows its values and looks to a current market and measures its products with an international critical mass.


Very Simple Kitchen was created as a contemporary reinterpretation of classic kitchen furniture through the use of lightweight stainless steel module combinations that respond to the latest and most up-to-date lifestyles. Linear geometries and bold colours combined with high quality materials are the features that make Very Simple Kitchen an original and innovative project.


“Vero wants to contribute to a new era of design, based on the value system in which we believe. This is why we have chosen to be part of Convey, supporting a project that succeeds in making a system within our sector. Convey arrives with the perfect timing to respond to the contemporary needs of a design brand: it helps growth, creates opportunities and promotes collaborations.”

6AM + NM3

“SISTEMA is our latest project resulting from the collaboration with NM3. It is a collection that consists of a floor lamp with a marble base and a wall or ceiling lamp module. The wall or ceiling lighting is modular, making SISTEMA a modular and highly versatile product. The collection is inspired by the creased glass designed in the 1930s that was used to illuminate large areas in public and representative spaces. The unique design of the corded glass pays homage to the past and at the same time creates a rational and sophisticated product. We are very happy to be part of the Convey project during Milan Design Week, as it is a great opportunity for us to create connections with other brands and players with whom we can share values with the common goal of contributing to the construction of the new international design scenario.”


RedDuo is a homeware project dedicated to the person and the home, creating an intimate experience linked to daily rituals. Founded by Fabiola di Virgilio and Andrea Rosso, business and life partners, RedDuo celebrates the home and the handmade in their contemporary and multifaceted aspect; it is a new approach that translates traditional craftsmanship into the contemporary domestic sphere.


White On White is an installation freely inspired by the absolute white interiors of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a pioneer of late 19th century architectural modernism. For the Scottish designer, fine ornamentation had to be made of the most durable material and ‘placed where it was strongest’. Following these words of his, we imagined a process of replacing and rewriting the domestic ornament with a solid and durable material such as natural stone, white of course. An operation between the ironic and the glitch that imagines geometric cushions, seated chairs and ornaments in Namibian White, Calacatta Oro, Calacatta Viola, Onyx Bianco, Onyx Avorio, Cristallo White in all shades and variations of white for a space of collective pause, just like in the meeting rooms he decorated in turn-of-the-century Scotland. “We chose Convey because it is a platform that brings together design brands that, although belonging to different industries, are devoted to a quality-oriented product, service and/or craftsmanship, all while communicating them to an audience attentive to a conscious production resulting from research and expertise.”


A black box, a magic box where colour – fluo – becomes an experience: this is the FLUO 2023 installation designed by the designer and blacksmith from the Marche region Marco Ripa, with the creative direction of Roberto Cicchinè for the forthcoming Milan Design Week. Inside a totally dark environment, the ultra-violet rays of Wood’s lamps will illuminate the Chiodi, Supermodulare and Fun House series, lighting up with magical-decorative effects the colours of the FLUO 2023 limited edition – orange, yellow, green, pink – that Ripa is presenting at Design Week. The installation continues the research started by the designer at Edit Napoli 2022, to highlight the unexpected, ephemeral and playful interactions between metal surfaces and direct and indirect colouring. “We enthusiastically adhere to Convey because we believe it is a valuable opportunity for direct confrontation with other realities, relationships and stimulation for the future.”


Forma&Cemento returns to the Milan Design Week 2023 with new perspectives and the concreteness of a stylistic choice based on materiality. Central to this exhibition is the relationship of the individual interpreter with matter. Marialaura Irvine, once again in the role of designer, is joined by Serena Confalonieri, Alessandra Salaris and Clementine Chambon, three designers who, with their very personal style, reinterpret concrete in an innovative way, with the aim of enhancing the material and highlighting its versatility. Taking the opportunity to present new products and collections in a dynamic and rapidly evolving environment, and the desire to further consolidate Forma&Cemento’s presence on the international design scene have brought Forma&Cemento to Convey.


Metal and its extraordinary possibilities: since 1964 Dante Negro has been exploring them, translating them into outdoor solutions with a refined and innovative design. The recent generational transition from father Dante to son Elia, triggered the company’s transformation into a brand with an international outlook, taking wrought iron workmanship towards unprecedented scenarios. In the new contemporary collections collected in the Blending Habitats catalogue, designed by the brand’s Creative Director and designer Margherita Rui, by Stormo and Zanellato Bortotto, Dante Negro rediscovers the ancient symbiotic relationship between man and nature, interpreting the gazebo and its accessories as a place where the boundaries between indoor and outdoor are overcome in favour of a single habitat. Metal bends towards a new possible: it is the encounter between the craftsmanship of the Made in Italy tradition and modern design. It is the new era of hyper-craftsmanship.


SUNNEI OBJECTS is a collection of pieces of a heterogeneous nature through which the brand’s aesthetic vision is enhanced by the excellence of Made-In-Italy craftsmanship. Born from the need to accompany the brand’s community in its day-to-day life beyond the ritual of clothing, SUNNEI Objects explores and interprets everyday objects. The heterogeneous assortment of the collection follows the organic development of the daily routine.


A philosophical term used by the Greeks to define the origin and essence of art in its many forms (sounds, words, figures). Art is, in their conception, an imitation of the nature that surrounds humans. Mimesis is a higher imitation: in order to belong to reality and to be able to imitate nature, it is necessary to have understood both deeply. The elements of WOOD-SKIN are ‘immersed’ in Convey. Sometimes they camouflage and hide, other times they become eye-catching decorative details like coloured flowers that attract bees thanks to their shapes, geometries and material/colour choices.


Specialising in interior design for the fashion and retail sectors, with a range of activities from high fashion outlets to exclusive residential projects, Stockholm-based Stamuli AB is an international collective of architects and creatives who share a rationalist approach to design, combined with a passion for details: colours, textures and geometries are the basic elements of a research that combines functionality and innovation, conceptual precision and the pleasure of discovery, formal rigour and a taste for the unexpected.


On the occasion of the MDW23 Bloc Studios presents a limited series of tables designed by Koos Breen (NL). The Alien Debris series consists of 2 black fossil marble tables: 1 side table + 1 coffee table. The whiteness of the fossils in contrast to the sense of emptiness left by the black marble gives life to the imagination of otherworldly worlds, of ancient spaceships travelling through time, as in a snapshot taken in a dystopian future where space debris travels through space at supersonic speeds and collides with each other to create new forms. “We believe that creating a system with realities that share our values is not only a winning way to make ourselves known individually, but above all the right way to convey important messages in an increasingly dispersed and multifaceted Design Week”.



Convey is a project created with the aim of creating a system between contemporary brands and reference players with the objective of accelerating the growth path, creating a system and promoting shared values in order to contribute to the construction of the new international design scenario. conveyproject.com


Convey was born from the observation of contemporary design companies that move into unexplored territories with innovative strategies and solid values. These realities today feel the need to create a shared growth system adherent to the needs of today’s society.


At BasicVillage, a space of over 1,000 square metres housed in a former industrial building in the Farini area of Milan (via dell’Aprica 12, Milan).


17 – 23 April 2023.

Mon / Sun 10 a.m. – 8 p.m


Curated and promoted by Simple Flair and Very Simple Kitchen Press & PR Strategic Footprints

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