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Del Conca Group, rooms marked by light

Del Conca Group: The presence on the façade of a large floor-to-ceiling window, common to all the flats in the building, is the element that characterises this residence dating from the 1970s and 1980s and located near the historic centre of Monza. Inside, a 140 square metre flat has been renovated by architects Mohamed Keilani – son of the internationally renowned Syrian artist Salah Keilani – and Claudia Famiglietti, and realised by Open01 Monza.

The strong fragmentation of the spaces with respect to the large floor area required an intervention aimed at radically rethinking the living area, transformed into a large open space where the living room dialogues with the dining area and the kitchen. The designers focused on a fluid distribution of the spaces, with the aim of making them more liveable and favouring natural lighting, also through the use of wide and deep optical cones, capable of highlighting the clear division between the living and sleeping areas . The spaces are defined through a different material language and custom-designed and made-to-measure elements, in strong connection with the floor-to-ceiling glazing. In addition, the golden warmth of anodised aluminium is the ‘fil rouge’ of the entire project.

The living area is characterised by the presence of warm materials and many anodised aluminium elements, contrasted by a forest green backdrop that punctuates the passages and cuts of light. Entering the bedrooms and bathrooms, the formal cleanliness of the spaces gives way to an atmosphere with an antique flavour thanks to the cement tiles of Ceramica Faetano’s Paris collection , in the Bercy Nero decor and in the small 20×20 cm size , which take us back to an Art Nouveau atmosphere of times gone by. Patterns with a strong visual impact, which narrate the art of the ancient ceramic craft tradition and give life to new, dynamic creative suggestions for covering contemporary environments.

The proposed collection becomes, thanks to its solid colours in shades of black and white, a distinctive element that breaks the detached rhythm of cold-toned walls and dialogues with iconic design pieces such as the Mad Chair by Marcel Wanders for Poliform, the Ombra chair by Paolo Lissoni for Lema, the Alamo table by David Lopez Quincoces and, again, the Flos and Artemide lamps. These small formats are, in fact, increasingly in demand to visually delimit certain areas of the home or to enhance niches and walls – as in this project – and even more often chosen in combination with large slabs, in particular the cement effect of Ceramica Del Conca’s Timeline Collection. Ceramica Faetano’s cementine proposal is completed with the London collection, with its more neutral shades that recall the graphics of the 1960s and 1970s, and Sorrentina, where floral patterns intertwine with geometric motifs for a vintage charm.


With four production plants located in Italy, the United States and the Republic of San Marino, the Del Conca Group has a production capacity of over 20 million square metres of ceramic and porcelain floor and wall tiles per year. A trading company, Produco, and the Cino Mularoni Foundation, which is mainly involved in social and cultural activities, complete the Group’s corporate structure.

Surface effects, versatility of formats, thicknesses, complements and decorations constitute a set of solutions capable of satisfying the most evolved trends in interior design, 82% of which are aimed at the international market, led by the USA and Europe. Over the years, production has been flanked by special projects and collaborations with important artists, such as the capsule collections signed Milo Manara, Monkey Punch, Giugiaro Architettura, Guido Crepax and Felix the Cat, and Del Conca House, a proposal of unique and elegant furnishings, made with the large ceramic slabs in earth, sky and water shades.

In 2021, after two years of Research & Development and a 2 million euro investment, Gruppo Del Conca will launch Dinamika Deep Surfaces, with the aim of revolutionising the concept of traditional ceramic surfaces thanks to a unique technology. Respect for the environment, natural resources, and the containment of energy consumption have always been key objectives that the Group follows with constancy and attention: from the complete internal re-use of industrial water produced during its own and third party processing cycles, to the progressive reduction of CO2 emissions, to the recovery in the production cycle of production waste, up to the differentiated management of waste.

Over the years, Del Conca has accompanied and supported young talents in various sporting disciplines, from motorcycling to football, becoming Official Partner of the Italian National Football Team until 2010. In 2018 it became title sponsor of TEAM DEL CONCA GRESINI MOTO 3, which became world champion. Not only sponsorship but also philanthropy: the Del Conca Group deploys human and economic resources to promote multiple solidarity projects all over the world: since 2008 the company has been constantly supporting the construction of schools, family homes, water networks, health centres and hospital wards in the world’s poorest countries. There has been no lack of support for the populations severely affected by the earthquake in Italy in 2012 and 2016. delconca.com