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Gel Effect: A Renaissance of Colors

The iconic Gel Effect nail polish comes in a brand new guise with a collection of 24 ultra-bright shades. Gel Effect gets a makeover: the brand’s iconic nail polish gets a complete makeover, from the formulation to the packaging, thus becoming even more high-performance!

In a totally renewed and modern packaging, characterised by sinuous and feminine lines, Gel Effect presents the collection: A Renaissance of Colors composed of a wide palette of 24 shades designed to give voice to all personalities, from the most fashionistas to must-have colour lovers who do not want to give up having an always impeccable manicure. The collection offers a wide choice of shades: from the most glamorous and pop colours, which can be mixed together to create nail looks in step with the most imaginative trends, to nudes, reds and darker shades perfect for everyday manicures.

The new Gel Effect formula, enriched with a precious mix of RUBY POWDER and AMETHYST, gives the nails extreme brilliance, an immediate full colour, a 3D effect and a long lasting effect without having to use the UV LED lamp. The result?
A luminous manicure, for jewel-like hands. Finally, the handy maxi brush makes application easy with a 3D plumping effect! deborahmilano.com