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Franco Albini: Reflections on a Method

Tuesday 2 May at6.30p.m. at theADI Design Museum will be presented “Franco Albini. Riflessioni su un Metodo” edited by Fondazione Franco Albini, the volume dedicated to one of the greatest masters of Italian architecture and one of the first protagonists of modern design published by Libri Scheiwiller for the series L’Arte e le Arti. Chiara Savino, head of publishing for Libri Scheiwiller, will introduce the presentation, and Francesco Albini, Marco Albini, Elena Albricci, Fabio Ilacqua and Natalia Piana will speak. Moderator: Paola Albini, President of the Franco Albini Foundation. Admission is free subject to availability.

The book investigates the work and way of thinking of Franco Albini, a great innovator who left a cultural, spiritual and professional legacy by practising five methodological principles that are at the basis of his creative process: breaking down what exists, searching for the essence, recomposing in a new form, verifying the path, acting out of social responsibility. Universal principles that can inspire not only architects and designers, but each and every one of us. By interweaving the different threads of a timeless story, sharing archive documents made into living matter and exploring in a choral work the potential of a Method applicable in the most disparate spheres of human experience, the reader of this volume will participate in a story of inspiration. A narrative of different authors, with different backgrounds and destinies, united by the legacy of a man who lived in the last century and left behind works that are messages that are still relevant today.

Edited by Franco Albini Foundation

A Foundation, an Academy and an Architecture Studio to restore the cultural value of a historical Archive to the contemporary world. The Franco Albini Foundation is a cultural pole open to dialogue, research and interdisciplinary design that was created to enhance the Albini-Helg Archive bound by the Italian State as National Historical Heritage. In order to disseminate the culture of design to professionals and non-professionals, it organises interactive guided tours in the historical studio, research, theatre performances, events, publications, exhibitions and authenticity certifications for design pieces. The Franco Albini Academy is the branch of the Foundation dedicated to training that, inspired by the forma mentis of the great Maestro of innovation, accompanies people towards their own realisation through interdisciplinary workshops aimed at companies, universities, health professionals, schools and groups in general. Lastly, Studio Albini represents the continuity of a working method and professional ethics operating in the recovery of historical heritage, museography and interior design. Three realities that passionately translate tradition and transform it into modernity, just as Franco Albini taught us. fondazionefrancoalbini.com

Scheiwiller Books

The publishing house Libri Scheiwiller was founded in Milan at the end of 1977 by Vanni Scheiwiller who, since the early 1950s, had collaborated with his father Giovanni Scheiwiller on the historic publishing house All’insegna del Pesce d’Oro, dedicated to the publication of art and poetry volumes since the 1930s. Later acquired by 24 ORE Cultura, today – after a period of reorganisation – the brand revives and returns to bookshops with an offer of volumes that looks to the future and contemporary themes. In full respect of tradition, the habitus of the publishing house is characterised by a careful choice of each individual title and a cultural project based on literary quality and research, through a direct and close relationship with the authors. The renewed publishing activity, with a new graphic design by Mario Piazza, is represented by the continuation of the brand’s historical series and new publishing projects. The historical series Idee and L’Arte e le Arti are back, enriched with reflections dedicated to current issues, ranging from philosophical, political and economic insights to debates and investigations on the various forms of modern and contemporary arts told by the voices of important authors. Alongside the production of these series in continuity with the publisher’s history and some reprints from the existing catalogue, there will also be the launch of the new Interviews series, inspired by the magazine of the same name founded by Andy Warhol in the 1970s. Various themes will be discussed with key figures from the worlds of design, architecture, cinema, photography, etc.

24 ORE Culture

A company of the 24 ORE Group, 24 ORE Cultura (www.24orecultura.com) is one of the most prominent companies in the Italian and European cultural sector. A publisher of illustrated volumes in the fields of art, architecture, fashion and design, it is also a producer and organiser of art exhibitions and a partner of the most prestigious publishing houses and major international museums. 24 ORE Cultura also manages MUDEC – Museo delle Culture di Milano: designed by David Chipperfield, it is an intercultural and multidisciplinary centre dedicated to the cultures of the five continents.