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LUXXU: Le Grand Penthouse

Abu Dhabi, known for its cosmopolitan lifestyle, was selected as the perfect location for Le Grand Penthouse entirely projected and decorated by LUXXU. The design and art scenes of the city are rather strong, giving priority to traditional and modern styles that are heavily rooted in Arabic influences. The Luxury brand had to match the ostentatious appeal of the city, its artistic flair, and the architectural beauty of its avant-garde buildings, so consequently, LUXXU pulled all the stops to create a sensational project that best reflected all of these characteristics while remaining quintessentially modern. Le Grand Penthouse is well-appointed with the brand's most distinguished brand classics and novelties.


The ample entryway is what best portrays the Arabic nature of the home. However, this area also features hits of the Mediterranean style and modernism. One can sense all of these styles in details like the extravagant accessories, the padded doors, the sculptural wall columns, as well as, the abundant use of gold throughout. The Trump chandelier sets the stage of grandeur while the Littus table adds geometric detail. Additionally, the Saboteur swivel armchair in green tones brings you to the 40s Hollywood era and the Spear console table seeks inspiration from ancient times. As a whole, every single design is proportioned and organized to a specific area.

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Dining Room

In the dining room, a mirrored ceiling suspends the mythical allure of the Babel suspension, which creates a fantastical lighting effect. The Bellagio dining table and the Galea II dining chairs create a black and green scenery with golden lines that add sophistication to this dining room. Moreover, the Pixel cabinet by Boca do Lobo builds an intriguing sense of curiosity while the Darian sideboard, contrastingly, carries on the regal style of the house. The Babel wall lamps add an exquisite touch with their unmistakable decor presence.

Living Room

The Living room acquires classical proportions with column features, and marble accents as well as patterned and geometric designs being an instrumental part of the decor. Taking the lead is two Senzu sofas, modern leather pieces with integrated side tables with a Kenya black marble top and a stainless steel base. The Majestic chandelier illuminates the central area, offering a more romantic yet daring atmosphere. Other stand-out design elements include a trinity of Vertigo mirrors placed against an abstract wallpaper; the Crackle center table and side table add artistic flair; the Mansfield armchair by Essential Home in retro velvet and pops of green introduces a mid-century touch; and lastly, LUXXU's Tycho torch wall lamp and the Spear door pull by PullCast delivered a more detailed character to this living room.


The staircase is enriched with unique adornments and marble galore, and it highlights a palatial feel. Before going upstairs, one can enjoy a petite yet extremely comforting lounging area where the Otto armchairs offer maximum comfort. An installation of Trump pendants with their sublime "tears" of crystal glass add interest and drama to the area. The stairs have a curved nature and are paved in marble. They also have a light system within each thread.

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Master Bedroom

The Master bedroom is quite generous in size. The Charla XL bed makes an impressive statement with its massive hand-tufted headboard and the Tenor ottoman certainly complements its eminence. The Charla nightstand and dresser offer extra storage space and promote a timeless character and sublime lines. The lively leaf-inspired wallpaper brings in a sense of nature and matches perfectly with the burgundy tones found throughout the room. Finally, the Gala pendants are attached by a superb single string and its lighting effect brings opulence to this side of the bedroom. In the entertainment area, the linear Algerone sofa in cream hues and the Gladia armchairs in burgundy blend luxury and comfort in a singular fashion. The sleek Vertigo center table continues the classical atmosphere and the architectural Guggenheim chandelier brings a cutting-edge appeal with its beaded form and brass structure.


LUXXU is an advocate for creating spaces where creativity boasts freely. Accordingly, this home office area provides sweeping city views of Abu Dhabi's vibrant essence and it is vigorously decorated with one-of-a-kind items. To mention a few, the Apotheosis desk was customized in creamy tones but the brass accents remain effective as usual; and the Ocadia office chair and Anguis chairs in light brown almost orange tones become ideal pieces to hold business meetings, offering all the required comfort. Concerning lighting, the Majestic II suspension takes the form of two delicate lighting fixtures whose gold-plated brass and crystal glass cylinders create an outstanding and exclusive design. Furthermore, the Pharo floor lamp seamlessly engages in the same style as Majestic yet it adds architectural features to the office. At last, the debuting Nebo table lamp with a Guatemala marble base and metallic accents heightens the aesthetic value of the office.

Home Cinema

Abu Dhabi has always had a vast cultural influence. Many cinematic productions have taken advantage of the beautiful backdrop that the city provides. It would only be fitting that Le Grand Penthouse would have its own cinema. In addition, the capital of the UAE has also hosted a series of F1 Grand Prix competitions, including one that is soon to happen in November, so this space is the perfect spot for racing enthusiasts to enjoy it on an enormous screen. In terms of comfort, the home cinema is fully equipped with Opera sofas that are covered in leather and velvet. The Crackle side tables easily become lavish complements and the Pharo wall lamps illuminate the area with a soft glow.

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For this Arabic-styled paradise, a more intimate outdoor dining area was set in place. The outstanding beauty of the city's skyline can truly be appreciated here. The Vertigo dining table in steel offers a glamorous and timeless touch whereas the Charla chairs bring an extra layer of comfort. The Magna floor lamps perfectly match the surroundings and offer translucent lighting through its stone interior.


LUXXU's Empire is shaping its future by setting trends with timeless pieces and refined elegance. Lighting was the start of a luxury journey stating itself as classic with a modern twist. Today, a new design epoch unveils at LUXXU. Daring ambiances are an everlasting aesthetic language shared by every element. LUXXU now allows you to create those ambiances as the brand uncovers a crucial imperial complement, a Furniture Collection. Offering resembling noble materials and finishing, where customization blossoms as brand capital. Be our guest and get inspired by a distinctive collection of timeless pieces. luxxu.net