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Carlo Moretti: Minimax, twelve models

“The Minimax sculpture collection is first and foremost a concept. It is the idea of a habitat, of a place contained within a space, a bubble, an empty space created within a glowing, compact glass mass. It is also the idea of contrast, the emptiness that dwells within a heavy, compact, full space.” This concept – perfectly described by Rosa Chiesa in the volume Carlo Moretti. Glass and Design – inspired the creation in 2008 of a collection of sculptures in a limited edition of 333 numbered pieces.

Of the original twenty models offered in two sizes – maior and minor, from which the name Minimax derives – the collection now has twelve models: Binae, Corona, Corona Maior, Focus, Massa, Moles, Nexus, Plexus, Rima, Varius, Virgulae, Vortex.

Intended for a public of collectors and enthusiasts, Carlo Moretti’s Minimax sculptures define the close relationship between creativity, experimentation, technique and evolved craftsmanship, in a perfect balance between Art and Design. carlomoretti.com