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PRIMATE: Urban Hive Hotel

The contemporary evolution of the hospitality concept in the new Urban Hive in Brera, the result of the restyling of the historic Carlyle Brera hotel, and PRIMATE has been chosen as partner for the acoustic insulation. A new urban hotel concept, a reference point for travellers and an open, multifunctional space for the city, this is how the new Urban Hive presents itself. Born from the restyling of the historic Carlyle Brera hotel, the redevelopment project – which involved the concept, common areas and 97 rooms and suites distributed over 7 floors – was entrusted to the architectural studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners. The concept has created a place with an informal mood, full of colour and personality, in which the symbols of the past and the modern soul of Milan coexist. No longer stand-alone spaces, but hybrid, multifunctional environments in which to enjoy experiences. Comfortable places, where one can feel at home, that contaminate themselves with the city and know how to respond to new needs: combining business and leisure, coworking areas, for fitness and relaxation. Thanks to a total redevelopment of the building, not only the architecture of the rooms has been renewed, but also its prominent role in the Milanese hotellerie scene to reconfirm itself as a high level structure able to offer excellent services and maximum comfort to guests also thanks to PRIMATE acoustic insulation solutions.


Astrategic partner, chosen by the Works Management to complete the renovation project of the Milanese hotel, was PRIMATE, a leading company in acoustic insulation which, thanks to the solutions of its PRIMATE PHONO system, will guarantee all the guests of the Urban Hive hotel pleasant moments of well-being, tranquillity and privacy. Thanks to the advice and support of PRIMATE LAB, the company’s Research and Development Department, the most suitable and high-performance products were identified to meet the various requirements of the project. For the insulation of the horizontal partitions, the PRIMATE PHONOMAX PR mat was applied, the company’s top of the range solution that ensures excellent insulation against impact noise.

PRIMATEPHONOMAX PR is a 9 mm thick anti-impact noise mat made of PRIMATE PHONOPRO, chemically cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam, version 2.0, coupled on the upper face with embossed anti-aceration film and on the lower face with thermobonded polyester fibre PHONOTEK R-PET with a high grammage (200 g/sq.m.) and high compressive strength. Thanks to the combined characteristics of the products, PRIMATE PHONOMAX PR guarantees excellent insulation against impact noise, high resistance to surface tearing and is ideal for any type of floor . The mat is equipped with rebates on the long sides. Also available in a 14 mm thick version, PRIMATE PHONOMAX PR XL .

PRIMATE PHONOMAX PR, by virtue of its 46% recycled content, has obtained the accredited certification of the REMADE IN ITALY Class B recycled content verification and complies with Criterion 2.5.7 of the CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria) for recycled content. PRIMATE PHONOMAX PR belongs to the PHONO range of the Acoustic R-evolution line, which includes products suitable for most construction solutions with high acoustic comfort performance. High performance but with sustainability in mind: the products in the Acoustica R-evolution Line are made from recycled materials. The prestigious Bureau Veritas, a world leader in conformity inspection and certification services, has certified the percentage of second raw material for each laminated material, in accordance with the technical specifications of the international ReMade in Italy® body. Furthermore, the entire range of acoustic insulation has been certified for the healthiness and absence of harmful substances of each individual product.


The laying of the acoustic mats was completed with the application of PRIMATE PHONOJOIN TELATO low thickness adhesive tape which was used to tape the joints of the sheets to ensure the continuity of the system and prevent the formation of acoustic bridges. The acoustic insulation of the floors then included the laying of PRIMATE PHONOPER DS “double thickness” adhesive perimeter strip, for the creation of the floating screed, composed of a vertical part in 6 mm thick closed-cell expanded polyethylene and a horizontal adhesive part in 100 μm thick HDPE. PRIMATE PHONO 5 AD and PRIMATE PHONORUB AD were also installed to complete the acoustic system. PRIMATEPHONO 5 AD is a flexible adhesive mat designed specifically for the mechanical decoupling of structural elements such as pillars, beams, partitions, stairwells and lift shafts; while PRIMATE PHONORUB AD is a flexible multilayer panel adhesive on one side, ideal for reducing the noise produced by systems and exhaust pipes, thanks to the special soundproofing and sound-deadening properties of the EPDM rubber, and the mechanical decoupling of the two layers of expanded polyethylene that make it up.


PRIMATE is the brand born from the fifty-year experience of MPE S.p.a., a national reference reality in the transformation and processing of plastic materials in multiple sectors. PRIMATE presents itself as an innovative reality right from its payoff “Evolving for a better building” and proposes a mixology of unique ingredients: a good dose of building traditions mixed with the most innovative technologies and the best performing materials, as well as international experience, all shaken together with a handful of systems designed ad hoc for well-being, comfort and the environment. PRIMATE deals with construction solutions for well-living, which focuses on two fundamentally important technical aspects:

  • Acoustic insulation, because noise is one of the agents that most negatively affects comfort and psychophysical well-being;
  • Thermal insulation, because it is essential to ‘wear’ clothing that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. primateitalia.it

About MPE S.p.a.

MPE S.p.a. is headquartered in Costa di Mezzate (BG) and since 1970 has been the national reference in the transformation and processing of plastic materials such as EPS, PE, PP in many sectors, including thermal and acoustic insulation, automotive, technical components, and food. Since 2010, MPE, together with other leading companies in the sector, has set up the EPS ITALIA business network with the aim of enhancing the development, efficiency and innovative capacity of each individual participating company through common cooperation and integration. The strengths of MPE’s technical-organisational structure are its modern production facilities combined with technical expertise and integrated management from design to production cycle, all to offer ideal solutions in terms of results and costs. Structured on over 25,000 square metres, of which 15,000 dedicated to the production departments and computerised warehouse, MPE responds to different types of supply, from small to large orders, all managed with scrupulous rigour and professionalism, also attested by ISO 9001 certification. In addition to the PRIMATE brand, MPE POLYPROPYLENE DIVISION, DAMPE, DOMOGEL and LIMAR are also part of the MPE group.