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Capovaticano Resort Thalasso Spa: with 3 workshops

Capovaticano Resort Thalasso Spa, the first wellness destination on the Tyrrhenian coast in Calabria at Capo Vaticano on the Costa degli Dei, focuses on wellness with three workshops with three physiotherapists, focusing on women. Three moments designed for women at different stages of their lives: expectant mothers, women who have just experienced pregnancy, women who intend to prepare for childbirth, and women who are no longer young and are preparing for menopause. Workshops and workshops are planned, led by physiotherapists specialising in the female body: 3 physiotherapists, 3 workshops, 3 appointments with well-being.

In line with today’s topical issues, Capovaticano Resort Thalasso Spa proposes “women’s” workshops on body wellness: pelvic floor, vulvodynia, sexual wellness, incontinence prevention.

  • Saturday 29 April Workshop with therapist Dr. Carla Cantiani, Group workshop dedicated to female intimate well-being and sport: ‘Intimate well-being and sport. How the practice of yoga and gymnastics can help us strengthen the pelvic floor.
  • Saturday 27 May Workshop with therapist Dr. Anna Balsamo: How to re-oxygenate and reactivate the whole body through an all-round detoxification with specific manual treatments and active exercisesThe workshop includes a group activity dedicated to the lymphatic and circulatory aspect of the female body, to regain lightness and reoxygenate and reactivate the whole body, facilitating the body’s exchange and discharge processes. A true all-round detoxification with specific manual, myofascial and connective lymphatic drainage treatments and active exercises aimed at stimulating and reactivating the lymphatic and circulatory system with the lymphofit method.
  • Saturday 3 June Workshop with therapist Dr. Loredana La Torre, a specialist in postural techniques and teacher of the Feldenkrais® method“The sitting position becomes our daily gym: let’s learn how to make the body flexible and tonic while sitting” The workshop will focus on: postural techniques, conscious breathing and pelvic floor rehabilitation.

“Today the issue to be addressed is prevention and care for women,” explains Dr. La Torre, university lecturer, specialist in postural techniques and uro-rehabilitation. – Today the woman, in the various stages of her life, must be listened to, understood, respected . The central theme today is awareness, with a greater attitude of listening, also for young women. The elements of natural wellness at Capo Vaticano are combined in exclusive and highly effective programmes. The spa harnesses the strengths of the sea, salt, and sand therapy: all of this blends into a natural alchemy, with the background of the sound of the sea. The Spa offer is rich in detoxifying and energising programmes such as DETOX, a 4-day course of treatments and therapies. Sea rain, salt scrub and seaweed wrap make this path suitable for those seeking deep regeneration and vitality. Using local essential oils, this is one of the Signature proposals of Capovaticano Resort, where local elements and the scents of the land of Calabria are mixed with those of the sea.

The same magic, anchored in the land and traditions of Calabria, is present in the “Segreti delle Magare*” pathway, a phytotherapy proposal that includes highly effective and natural treatments and wellness sessions. The wellness experience is enriched by the “savoir faire” of the Spa therapists – who are gifted with great manual skills – with precise ritual gestures and creative moments that surprise and enchant the guest: for example, performing massages with the aid of local natural tools (wood, Stromboli stones, sandbags, water bowls with herbs or flowers from the garden).