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Verdigris: New Trend

This versatile and timeless shade is destined to become a key colour for the year to come. Verdigris, a colour created by the oxidation of copper, is a blend of green and blue hues that is sure to soothe the soul and create an element of drama within your space. Explore the curated edit below and discover different ways to weave this wonderful shade into your personal style!

Product name: Wallpaper on another level in Ocean
Description: If you are looking to create a geometric style with a retro feel, this wallpaper designed by artist Tim Muddiman is the perfect choice. The funky brown and red geometric wallpaper design features blocks, lines and angles that create a rhythmic pattern through the design. The clever use of colour creates a shadow that draws us deeper into the rectangular grid. Select this funky wallpaper to bring a retro touch to a living room or hallway in your home.
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