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Tom Dixon: a new series of Lamp Bases

CONE is a brand-new pedestal that can be mixed and matched with 28 of Tom Dixon shades including MELT and MIRROR BALL. About the new table and floor lamps, Tom explains: 'There is a reason that we keep coming back to simple geometries – these basic shapes feel right because they are the most reduced possibility for a given job, and this is particularly evident with our new series of conical lamp bases CONE.

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GLOBE Cone Fat Floor in Opal. photo credit: Pete Navey

After many attempts at designing the optimum table and floor lamp base, this minimal resolution is the culmination of our efforts. A perfectly executed metal cone becomes the most appropriate and elegant pedestal to support and enhance a multitude of different luminous possibilities from our range of polycarbonate lampshades.”CONE is a universal fitting and works across MELT, MIRROR BALL and GLOBE shades.  tomdixon.net