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Stories of Italy presenta Broken Charm

The Stories of Italy contemporary design brand of Murano glass objects and accessories presents a grandiose installation. At first glance an outsized bracelet broken down and reassembled that is actually a chandelier-jewel that can be customised infinitely.

Inside the new Alcova headquarters, Stories of Italy presents the scenographic installation Broken Charm, a luminous jewellery piece composed of coloured Murano glass bodies that, like precious jewels, are joined together by a cast brass frame. The project tells the public about the new collection of pendant lights that reflects the brand’s colourful and sparkling imagery, the result of innovative techniques rooted in the tradition of Venetian blown glassmaking.


A Milanese brand and design studio under the artistic direction of Dario Buratto, it creates fine products inspired by traditional Italian craftsmanship, characterised by a maximalist aesthetic in colour and minimalist in form. The inspiration originates from Italy’s great archaeological, historical and cultural heritage. Objects and symbols of a common past reinterpreted in a contemporary key. The products are conceived as ‘everyday objects’, aesthetically beautiful but also tools of communication: all the pieces tell their own story, blending design, craftsmanship and art to capture the essence of Italy’s most celebrated artisan traditions. storiesofitaly.com