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SapienStone at Milan Design Week

Giving form to beauty: this is the spirit behind Grand Antique, the new SapienStone surface that was presented at the Milan Design Week 2023. More and more often, it is the surfaces of countertops, tables or worktops that determine the style of a kitchen, and functional and technological demands are being met with a scenic aesthetic.

Texture and intense colours characterise the new proposal from SapienStone: Grand Antique . A surface that draws its inspiration from marble quarried in the Occitana region of France and gives life to a material developed with Iris Ceramica Group’s 4D Ceramics technology: Grand Antique 4D . Elegant, sophisticated, perfect for making kitchen countertops, tables, shelves and furnishing accessories, Grand Antique 4D expresses a striking aesthetic characterised by the strong, bold contrast of a black background interspersed with large white intrusions. The meeting and contrast of these two shades transfers to the SapienStone material all the charm of a chromatic contrast, rich in materiality, contributing to an effect of great dynamism and elegance in interior design projects (from kitchen countertops to dining table tops, coffee tables, shelves and worktops).

About SapienStone

Following in the footsteps of Italian savoir-faire, Sapienstone is the Iris Ceramica Group brand that produces materials for porcelain stoneware kitchen tops, in which the attention not only to design and aesthetics but also and above all to everyday use shines through in every element, allowing the kitchen and living spaces to be enjoyed to the full in both domestic and hospitality settings. sapienstone.it