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Sabine Marcelis, art installations presented

Presented the art installations that 100 Miglia commissioned to celebrate Bergamo-Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023. The immersive installations that 1000 Miglia, in collaboration with Confindustria Brescia and Confindustria Bergamo, presented today in Brescia are signed by Sabine Marcelis.

The designer, already the creator of the cups and medals for the 2022 edition, was recently awarded the title of Designer of the Year by both Wallpaper Magazine and Elle Decor, some of the most prestigious sector magazines in the world. Starting with the elements that most characterise the automobile, the steering wheel, gearbox, pedals, tyres, headlight, suspension and gears, Marcelis has designed and created eight coloured, semi-transparent resin sculptures to celebrate the history and socio-cultural importance of the automobile for over a century. It is from the automobile that many technologies have been exported to other areas that have contributed to the improvement of living and working conditions.

The sculptures celebrating the automobile industry have been created by breaking down some of the fundamental elements of a car, highlighting the design and engineering that have developed over the last 100 years. The components depicted have been fundamental in car production since the birth of the 1000 Miglia and their structure and composition are emphasised by the use of colour and transparency. Conceived as abstract sculptural interpretations, the works celebrate both the function of the component and the technological developments that have taken place over the years. They are illuminated by sunlight during the day and have a built-in light source that is activated in the evening. The sculptures will remain in place in the space in front of the Palazzo delle Poste until Tuesday 13, during all the opening days of the 1000 Miglia Village. At the end of the 1000 Miglia, the works will be donated to the City of Brescia and will be exhibited until the end of the year in the cloister of the University of Brescia in via San Faustino.

Sabine Marcelis (1988, Holland)

Sabine Marcelis is a Dutch designer who runs her studio from the port of Rotterdam. After graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2011, Marcelis started working as an independent designer in the fields of product, installation and spatial design with a strong focus on materiality: her work is characterised by pure forms that highlight the properties of materials, and she applies a strong aesthetic point of view to her collaborations with specialists in the field. This working method allows her to intervene in the production process, using research and material experimentation to achieve new and surprising visual effects for projects both exhibited in museums and commissioned by special clients and fashion houses, such as Céline, Fendi and Dior. Sabine sees her designs as true sensory experiences: the experience becomes the function, with a refined and unique aesthetic. Her work has been acquired in the permanent collection of the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, NL and The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne AUS, among others. In 2023, Sabine Marcelis was voted Designer of the Year by both Wallpaper Magazine and Elle Decor. sabinemarcelis.com