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Provex: sophisticated style for trendy bathrooms

Provex: The walk-in shower enclosure is the open-plan, minimalist design that combines beauty and practicality. Its contemporary appeal makes this configuration one of the most popular solutions for modern and sophisticated furnishing choices. The secret of its appeal is its ability to give depth and brightness to the bathroom with an aesthetic appeal that is unrivalled, thanks to the glass wall and the combination with shower trays with minimal profiles or flush with the floor. The undeniable advantages also include easier and quicker accessibility, which is particularly functional for people with mobility difficulties, as well as easier maintenance and cleaning.

Provex – a manufacturer of shower enclosures and partitions, as well as bathroom accessories – offers various alternatives with ample scope for customisation, to create uniquely designed environments. Maximum well-being is also guaranteed by the combination with seats and grab bars from the Comfort catalogue. Among the numerous Provex walk-in proposals, we would like to highlight the Combi Free CF-1, Jolly JD, Modula MR-1, S-Lite SW-5 and Vario VW-6 models : elegant solutions capable of giving the bathroom a refined and contemporary look.


Clean and refined lines for the Combi Free CF-1 model (H 1975 mm) from Provex, distinguished by its vertical profile, hinges and handle in shiny polished aluminium and doors available in 6 mm tempered safety glass, in transparent or satin finish. The internal planar screws facilitate cleaning operations and the 25 to 35 mm extensibility makes it possible to cope with any problems of out-of-square walls during installation. The special feature is the possibility of totally closing the doors, either towards the inside or the outside of the box, leaving the space completely free.


Maximum brightness and clean lines for the Jolly JD model (H 2000 mm) by Provex; characterised by the shower enclosure with ceiling support, it is the ideal solution when the traditional wall support cannot be installed. It can be made of 6 or 8 mm tempered safety glass, available in a transparent finish, with polished aluminium profiles. The innovative MinMax system allows for extensibility up to 90 mm, ensuring considerable advantages for the retailer as a sales argument, for the installer who can thus solve any wall defects, and for the end consumer who will appreciate a minimalist and essential product.


The Modula MR-1 model (H 2000 mm) from Provex, featuring a shower wall with support, makes elegance its strong point. The wall profile and support are available in high gloss and matt black finishes, as well as in the new champagne variant. The wall, made of 8 mm tempered safety glass, is available in clear or smoked. Extensibility up to 25 mm.


High transparency for the S-Lite SW-5 model (H 2000 mm) from Provex consisting of a sliding access door flanked by an in-line fixed glass pane. The door is made of 8 mm toughened safety glass in a transparent finish. This solution is ideal for those who require a comfortable front entrance and combines the practicality of a walk-in shower enclosure with the possibility of expanding the space by leaving the sliding door open. The elegance of the structure is emphasised by the vertical, square and minimalist handle – available in a glossy shiny or matt black finish (as well as the support and profile) – which facilitates the movement of the door, and by the upper support that guarantees stability, thanks to its dual function of fixing the enclosure to the wall and keeping the sliding glass in line. The sliding mechanism is entirely housed in the wheels, located in the lower part of the sliding glass; furthermore, to meet the most varied technical and aesthetic requirements, S-Lite shower enclosures are equipped with an innovative integrated system that, during assembly, allows the sliding door to be correctly installed and moved to compensate for any sloping of the floor.


Essential style for the Vario VW-6 model (H 1950 mm) from Provex, characterised by the absence of horizontal profiles and a 25 mm extension. It is made of 6 mm toughened safety glass, available in transparent, chinchilla or satin finish, and with polished shiny aluminium or chrome silver profiles. All the models mentioned are fitted with wall profiles with Silicon Free technology, exclusively developed and manufactured by Provex, which features a special water-resistant PVC gasket with consequent benefits in terms of hygiene and cleanliness.

Provex, a benchmark for the sector and synonymous with Made in Italy quality, constantly develops proposals of absolute excellence, which are expressed in the perfect synthesis of technological research, high quality materials, avant-garde design and functionality. provex.eu