Collaboration between the tap manufacturer and the international contract studio announced. Development prospects on international markets are growing for Nobili: the tap manufacturer from Suno (NO) has in fact announced a partnership for the creation of a new bathroom collection with Campbell House, a globally active interior design company.

The studio, founded in 2021 with offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and Paris, has a strong specialisation in design for hotels, entertainment venues, wellness spaces and work environments. The team led by creative director Jese Medina Suarez will work alongside Nobili’s R&D department with the aim of developing a new line of bathroom fittings that combines high-end design with the Piedmont-based company’s established water efficiency technologies. On this front, with over 115 million mixing cartridges produced in 69 years of activity and 100 patents to its credit, Nobili represents a true hi-tech giant in the world of taps and fittings at an international level. A unique reality in Europe, which keeps 100% of the product processing cycle in-house, with a strong vocation for sustainability in a circular economy perspective.

“We have identified Campbell House as the right partner to bring to life the next Nobili everyday wonder, that combination of design, technology and reliability that characterises all our products,” emphasises CEO Alberto Nobili. “Our company is continuing to grow in international markets, and with this collaboration we want to accelerate the presence of Nobili faucets in the high-end contract solutions sector.

“We are very excited to undertake this new challenge with Nobili,” says Jese Medina Suarez. “As designers we are always looking for opportunities to design beautiful and innovative objects, doing so with a brand that is universally known for the quality of its products is even more exciting.”

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The historical company founded by Carlo Nobili in 1954 in Suno, in the heart of the Novara tap district, is today an Italian technological excellence. Patents and water-saving devices and innovative mixing cartridges among the pluses of Nobili research applied to lines of bathroom taps and fittings and kitchen mixers. A constant commitment to quality along the entire production chain with a single focus: water, the precious element that brings ‘everyday wonders’ to everyone’s life.


Founded in 2021, Campbell House is a full-service architectural interior design company with teams in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and Paris. It specialises in high engagement design solutions for hospitality, food + beverage, entertainment, gaming, wellness and corporate work environments. In just two years, Campbell House has been a finalist in the 2021 AHEAD Europe Awards for Best Restaurant and has received various other awards such as the 2022 IDA Gold Winner and the 2023 NEWH TOP ID Winner. campbellhouseco.com