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New Carolean, the new trend of 2023

In the Anglo-Saxon world, New Carolean means the period of the reign of King Charles II (1660-1685)[1] and usually refers to the arts. As Britain crowned a new king, the New Carolean trend took space and developed between modern arts and ancient iconography encompassing British heritage, nature and folklore. Mixing folk floral fabrics with soft colours, this trend is both classic and modern and definitely very English!

Abigail Edwards Product name: Oak Tree wallpaper at First Light Description: Roll size: 10.05 m x 52 cm (395″ x 20.47″) Repeat: 76 cm (29.92″) Material: Non-woven wallpaper “sticks to the wall”. The hand-drawn design features an ancient gnarled oak tree with tangled vines growing diagonally across the wall with a few delicate acorns. Legend calls the mighty oak the mightiest of all trees. The first light is composed of different shades of blue, from classic navy to cool India blue.