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JCP Universe X Eliseo H. Zubiri: META-PHYSICAL

What distinguishes natural from artificial? Can we attribute naturalness to man-made objects and spaces? Is only what we perceive through our senses real, or can we consider virtual worlds as equally real? JCP Universe returns to the Fuorisalone with the aim of making us reflect on the boundaries between nature and artifice, reality and fiction.

The Meta-Physical installation marks the revolutionary design brand’s expansion into the virtual world through the construction of its first proprietary metaverse and the creation of furniture products in the form of NFT – non-fungible tokens. The new digital space will become JCP Universe’s atypical showroom, representing its visual, narrative and semantic imagery. A true world, or rather an immaterial universe, born from the original creative vision of Eliseo H. Zubiri, an Argentinean digital artist, and orchestrated by the multifaceted creative direction of CTRLZAK Studio. Within this universe there will be the brand’s artefacts: a selection of fifteen objects, transformed into NFT and animated to reveal their deeper nature.

The project is long-term and is conceived by ONIRO Lab, the creative laboratory of the ONIRO Group, of which JCP Universe is part. Its infinite possibilities of expansion and transformation give the brand the chance to explore new territories, and the Group the chance to become one of the first interlocutors of what is considered the market of the future. Meta-Physical will take shape at Teatro Arsenale, a former deconsecrated church now a cultural centre, in the 5vie district. Different planes of reality – physical, digital, phygital – alternate and merge in the elements of the installation: stones as an archetype of the natural world, screens and projections that take us into the metaverse, design pieces (physical and virtual) and mirrored surfaces that mix dimensions and challenge our senses.

Visitors will be able to explore the JCP Metaverse through the use of VR viewers, discovering otherworldly landscapes and unknown life forms. Immersed in this unusual scenario, they will be able to find some of the most representative pieces of the JCP Universe in NFT form, and see them come to life thanks to new technologies. The public, the real protagonist of the exhibition, will also have the opportunity to obtain the brand’s first NFT collection, available exclusively at the event. Last but not least, the exhibition will be enriched by the presence of artificial intelligence: new and unexpected meanings of the acronym JCP will be revealed thanks to the intervention of AI and a randomiser specially designed for the event.

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JCP Universe

JCP Universe presents ‘objects of wonder’ that invite the discovery of an imaginary alternative reality. It is an unconventional brand that goes beyond the ordinary commercial system to create culture for all. It is a project that goes beyond market trends by not simply proposing variations of well-known styles but by creating pieces with a unique identity. Focusing on the changing essence of nature, in a process that fuses innovation and tradition, the JCP Universe builds its own distinctive aesthetic to transform the reality we experience in our daily lives. jcpuniverse.com


ONIRO Group becomes the ambassador of a virtuous and far-sighted project, which has the strategic objective of making its research not only the lifeblood of the processes of conception and creation, but a contribution to society. ONIRO Lab is the place where ONIRO Group’s ability to understand and generate dreams finds its best expression. It is relationship, intellectual exchange, transversal dialogue between different eras, styles and cultures. It is production not of things, but of knowledge, emotions and narratives. Each project is an opportunity to go beyond, to explore and investigate meaningful experiences: a unique opportunity to generate culture and expand its boundaries. ONIRO Lab is led by the CTRLZAK studio, chosen for its interdisciplinary approach and careful research in different creative fields.