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Hideo Shimizu: Fuorisalone 2023

Hideo Shimizu, born in 1952 in Tokyo, made Milan his reference point first for his studies as a designer and then for his work. In 1982, he founded the JAXSON Corporation, a brand of luxury bathtubs inspired by the Japanese philosophy that has considered bath time a very important aspect of traditional culture for thousands of years.

Hideo Shimizu
The essence of comfort
The benefits of a precision-engineered solid surface are highlighted in this elegantly shaped bathtub, with its slim edges, sturdy legs and a finish reminiscent of the finest porcelain. The shape of the bathtub leads gently from the sides to the backrest, creating a spacious and comfortable space for your back. The armrests, mid-body bath step and footrest provide enveloping support during immersion. The entire design embodies the essence of comfort. The ES-1600 is made of CRISTALPLANT® BIOBASED® Active, a sustainable material with virucidal, antifungal and self-cleaning properties.

The long immersion in warm water up to the shoulders, inside real furnishing sculptures of high comfort, has transformed the bathing experience, both in private homes and in hotels and resorts, into a much appreciated opportunity for relaxation. HIDEO, Shimizu’s new brand, on the strength of the know-how it has achieved, pursues absolute perfection. The freestanding bathtubs in Hideo Shimizu ‘s collection combine supple exterior and interior lines with maximum comfort, safety and casual use, whether seated on the inside steps or fully reclined with legs stretched out, to enjoy a healthy, rejuvenating moment of well-being. hideo.design