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FAKRO: FTT R3, new roof window

Equipped with triple glazing with high noise reduction, the new FAKRO FTT R3 window combines excellent thermal insulation performance, energy efficiency and protection of the attic from outside noise.

Protecting the home environment from outside noise is particularly important for general living comfort, especially in sensitive rooms such as bedrooms. Equipping homes with acoustically effective windows and doors protects the quality of life and the physical and psychological health of the residents. This is why, with the aim of transforming attic rooms into liveable and functional environments, FAKRO has designed the FTT R3 window, a model with high efficiency and high noise reduction designed to protect attic spaces from noise and make them as comfortable as possible.

The FTT R3 window is equipped with a double glazing safety glass unit filled with krypton gas and consisting of a thick toughened outer pane, Warm Edge TGI spacer frame, low-emissivity toughened intermediate pane and laminated safety glass inside. The glazing unit is also inserted in a specially designed frame with wooden profiles that are larger than those of standard windows to minimise the formation of thermal bridges and ensure optimal insulation. Its special construction allows the FTT R3 model to present excellent performance levels in all aspects: from the point of view of acoustic insulation, with an Rw = 42dB; thermal insulation with a transmittance value of Uw=0.81 W/m2K; and burglary resistance, thanks to the internal laminated glass and the implementation of the topSafe system, which strengthens its construction and increases its burglary resistance.

Proposed as a pivot window, but with the pivot axis positioned above the centreline of the window frame for greater ease of use, the FTT R3 window is made of selected pine wood, vacuum-impregnated (a more effective method than many other impregnation systems, making the wood resistant to even the most insidious mould) and finished with two coats of acrylic varnish. Suitable for installation on roofs with a slope between 15° and 70°, this model is available in numerous standard sizes and has a very large glazed area that can be equipped with a variety of accessories, both internal and external. shop.fakro.co.uk