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Busnelli: Rock Your Home collection

The Rock Your Home by Busnelli 2023 collection includes not only sofas but also chaise longues and ottomans . Numerous combinations can be realised thanks to the ease with which the various elements can be put together and which offer the possibility of adapting to any living space.

Pouf or chaise longue? REGOLO by Fabio Novembre

The upholstery of the pouf can be chosen to match the fabric of the sofa or, when sold alone, offers the possibility to range by selecting fabrics from different categories. The side armrest can be replaced with a storage accessory in the finishes shade lacquered, black ash, brick orange lacquered: design and practicality in a single choice. There is always the right combination to enjoy Regolo in all its welcoming personality: the possibility of choosing and changing fabrics, upholstery and accessories make it an eclectic system that is always unique.

Pouf or chaise longue? GRUMETTO by Elena Salmistraro

Grumetto declines its concept of cosiness in many proposals that give room to multiple desires for comfort and space. Both versions, characterised by different profiles and volumes, are offered with the matching coffee table that makes the seating even more functional. The base that protrudes beyond the seat, the backrest that outlines a welcoming curved line, the small table that emerges from the surface, all combine to evoke the idea of a jewel that is composed of precious elements. The system can be purchased by choosing up to three colour nuances belonging to the same fabric in the respective combinations: foot-table, back-armrest, seat. The special feature of the various elements of which the system is composed is their independent and iconic spirit: even taken individually, they create a complete object. A further aesthetic and functional element is the ottoman which, if required, allows the depth of the seat to be increased.
Also characteristic is the foot that supports Grumetto and gives it a unique personality.

BUZ ottoman or chaise longue by Marc Sadler

Buz is personality that envelops: the high back and very thin armrests leave space for the seat and cushions, offering total immersion in relaxation. In its vis-à-vis configuration, Buz consists of two chaise longues that can also be chosen with contrasting fabrics and colours. Side by side, they interpenetrate to welcome moments of pleasant confrontation. The seat cushions are made of flexible polyurethane foam in different densities and upholstered with MICROMAX regenerated polyester fibre, covered with bonded resin fabric, while the back cushions are quilted and upholstered with 100% MICROMAX regenerated polyester fibre.

Pouf or Chaise longue? GILMOUR by Matteo Nunziati

Welcoming in its essentiality of lines and volumes, the chaise longue is proposed as a comfortable area on which to relax. It can be customised with the addition of cushions or a pouf with a shelf that provides additional space for relaxation time. The shelf with a raised edge and the practical open storage unit, both made of ash, serve as satellite accessories that complete the comfort of the sofa by bringing new functionality in perfect harmony with the design. The island base is subtle and elegant and looks like a natural wood plank. To harmonise it further with the ensemble or to serve as a contrasting element, it can also be upholstered with the same fabric as the sofa or with a different upholstery to accentuate the rhythm of the composition. Painted in the special Busnelli shade colour, the carved blade foot has a lightness that recalls the branches of a tree. An element that, due to its refinement, becomes a structural and decorative component. busnelli.com

AtoB by Marc Sadler, Busnelli

A system that adapts to all seating requirements: the versatility of its profile, due to the adjustability of the backrests and armrests, allows the product to transform and take on aerodynamic qualities, always guaranteeing maximum comfort. The skilful design and care in manufacture dress the mechanisms in pure design: the final effect is an upholstery that envelops the sofa’s shapes in all its configurations. It is a sofa with single elements, with 4 available modules, a floor-standing structure, reclining mechanisms and removable covers in both fabric and leather versions. A product with great liveability.the depth of its seating accommodates in the utmost comfort, offering experiences of total relaxation. Of great effect is the impact that the base on which the structure rests provides to the whole. The sensation is that of being in front of a place destined to contain stories, tales and experiences destined to be remembered for a long time. And further embellishing the product are the stitching, which creates parallel horizontal lines, accentuating the aerodynamic effect of the sofa and constituting another distinctive feature of AtoB. The armrests and backrests are made of multilayer poplar and pine (FSC and CARB 2 certified), flexible polyurethane foam with vegetable polyols (15-20%) in differentiated densities, and upholstery with bonded resin-coated fabric with a mechanism that reclines in several click positions.