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Budri: Partner at the Fuoriconcorso 2023

An exclusive experience inside the wonderful world of mosaic work will welcome visitors inside the Budri space.

Budri – the Haute Couture Atelier of marbles and semi-precious stones – is back again this year as a partner in the exclusive FuoriConcorso event aimed at all enthusiasts of the automotive world, which will take place once again this year in the picturesque setting of Lake Como on 20 and 21 May. A triad of historic Como villas – Villa del Grumello, Villa Sucota and Villa Olmo – will host a selection of extraordinary Italian cars, numerous events and appointments on the calendar, and the display of products from selected prestigious Italian companies from the worlds of wine, fashion and design, such as Budri. An event under the banner of uniqueness and all-round luxury.

In more than 60 years of activity Budri, a reference company in the international marble and stone processing panorama, has acquired an unparalleled experience that it will be able to proudly present at FuoriConcorso, such as some of its most exclusive design furniture and complements, the result of its great mastery in ‘shaping’ marble. The exhibition space reserved for Budri will be located inside the enchanting Villa Del Grumello – one of the historic villas overlooking Lake Como and the heart of a prestigious urban green area. The company has chosen to exhibit at the event two pieces from the Marmor NatVm collection designed by Gwenael Nicolas: Initium Living Table and Caleidos Round Table.

The former represents the star complement, the work of art of the collection and its name recalls the origin, the fault from which life is born. Composed of 1876 inlays of extremely small dimensions, it represents the trembling of stone at the formation of life. The Portoro Silver, Bianco Thassos, Fior di Bosco and Super White marbles, in white and grey tones, flow in the central part of the plane, marking an almost perceptible movement with a strong graphic sign. The thin, almost suspended top is further embellished by the inlay on the edge, which continues until it rejoins the foot in elegant Ashwood Fumè, creating visual continuity.

Caleidos Round Table owes its elegance to the pictorial Zebrino Silver and Zebrino White marbles, skilfully cut in a geometric pattern. The play of veins on the back and against creates a kaleidoscope motif, in apparent movement with light and dark ‘brushstrokes’. The sober, linear foot in matt lacquered black metal emphasises the slender top. Moreover, this year an exclusive Experience will welcome visitors inside the Budri space : the company’s expert mosaicist will create an artistic mosaic, following the tradition of mosaic art in Ravenna, in which tiny tesserae are cut out according to tradition and placed side by side, thanks to the knowledge and sensitivity of colour.

“Fuoriconcorso now represents an essential appointment for those who love the world and culture of cars, creating moments of encounters and enriching car enthusiasts and others . It isalso an opportunity for exchange and in-depth analysis on topics related to world excellence such as cars, and for us it is an honour to contribute to making the most of the beauty of the Italian territory through the exhibition of our products made with Italian know-how, appreciated all over the world,” says Alessandra Malagoli Budri. – Art Director of Budri. What better occasion than the FuoriConcorso for Budri to present the excellence and prestige of Italian marble. The company’s intention is to safeguard the value of a precious material like marble, with a special focus on sustainability. Budri, which is constantly seeking design solutions for marble surfaces and furnishings, thus becomes the perfect promoter of the taste and exclusivity that characterises FuoriConcorso and the world of classic cars in the first place.

BUDRI, a company based in Mirandola (MO) and renowned throughout the world for its excellence in marble and artistic inlay work, has recently become part of “MESTIERI”, the division of the Somec group dedicated to the design and creation of fine interiors.

MESTIERI is made up of a network of Italian craftsmanship excellence, creators of unique, highly customised projects and products, which have a history and which today continue to be part of the creation of exclusive interiors for residential and retail contexts, starred hotels and restaurants, yachting and cruises. MESTIERI promotes and coordinates their work and encourages their development around the world through guarantees given by its membership of Somec, a listed group. MESTIERI has in its DNA the desire to preserve skills of inestimable value, at risk of being lost and which thus instead find new strength and continuity. Italian craftsmanship, the highest expression of creative ingenuity since time immemorial, guarded by the realities that belong to MESTIERI, now applies its knowledge to a process of innovation involving cutting-edge technologies, to evolve in tradition and create works to be admired, that last over time. budri.com