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Decorating with yellow, warm and bright

Warm and bright, yellow is a colour that is increasingly used in interior design.

It communicates joy, encourages creativity and stimulates positive thoughts. It is not surprising that yellow is so popular and used in interior design. Associated with light and the sun, it conveys energy and puts one in a good mood even on the greyest of days. Not only that. Despite what you might think, it is also an extremely versatile colour. Available in more than 40 different shades – from lemon yellow to ochre, from delicate pastel tones to gold – yellow can in fact be combined with differentcolours and materials, thus fitting into different style environments. Furniture companies are well aware of this, which is why more and more are proposing this colour in their collections. From sofas to chairs, from bathroom sinks to shower heads and even radiators. wikipedia.org

EVE, Borzalino: Elegant, comfortable, versatile. These are the adjectives that describe the EVE armchair by Borzalino. Its cosy shape accompanies and supports the whole body. The wide range of leather and fabric coverings in the catalogue allows for a variety of compositions, even with the possibility of combining the two materials. The armchair base can be made of iron or wood in different finishes. The Eve armchair is proposed in the contemporary Eve Plus version and in the classic Eve Capitonné model, made with capitonné workmanship.