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Terme Merano, the green soul

Ever greener: Terme Merano has made sustainability the keyword for 2023. The spa complex has always characterised its offer with environmentally friendly proposals. Now, however, a series of concrete and important steps have set a course that will put sustainability at the centre of the Terme Merano offer. To the benefit of guests and above all the environment.

Concrete steps towards sustainability

The concrete steps towards sustainability involve Terme Merano in all its complexity, affecting equipment, working methods and personnel. Regarding the former, for example, two new co-generators were purchased and 90 solar panel modules were installed on the roof of the Terme to save on electricity and room heating. Also, the roofing of the outdoor pool was renewed, the lighting times adjusted, and the waste collection system improved. The water dispensers inside the thermal complex were upgraded, equipping each employee with a thermos flask. Also on the subject of water, jugs were purchased for the Bistro to make tap water available to guests. Among the main changes introduced in the work process, the in-house process was digitised to avoid excessive use of paper, the number of printouts of brochures was drastically reduced by referring to the website, and disposable material was almost completely eliminated, using ecolabelled disposable material where necessary. From the personnel point of view, specific training was organised for all employees on various topics related to sustainability, such as waste management, water resources and energy sources. A benefits programme was then defined for Terme employees.

From the Bio Nature Pool to the Roof Whirpool

A green soul has always characterised what Terme Merano has to offer. Just think of the 6-hectare park: a green lung in the heart of the city, for tourists and Terme visitors, but also and above all for the inhabitants. The new Bio Nature Pool bathing pond also goes in this direction. Completely natural, it does not require any chemicals, but uses an elaborate biological filtering system through two pools filled with special filtering materials, including limestone gravel. In addition, to ensure the aquatic ecosystem, almost 6,000 riparian plants have been placed at the edge of the pond. All this ensures that the water in the Bio Nature Pool never has to be changed, avoiding waste. Wellness and relaxation, therefore, always in contact with nature. Also in many of the interior rooms, which provide a constant exchange with the outside landscape through the glass walls. For example in the bathing room and the Fitness Centre, but also in the Finnish sauna and the Park Lounge terrace. The Roof Whirlpool located on the Sun Deck terrace is no exception: between the bubbles of the whirlpool you can enjoy the magnificent view of the park.

South Tyrolean products in MySpa and Bistro

Another face of sustainability is the use of local products, which are central to the wellness and food offerings of Terme Merano. Apple, edelweiss, honey, hay, whey, marble and grapes are the ingredients for treatments in the MySpa, each with valuable properties for the skin and body. The Terme Merano cosmetics line also makes use of the beneficial effects of South Tyrolean products, including apple, edelweiss, marble, grape, sea buckthorn. All enriched by the mineral-rich thermal water of San Vigilio. And if, after a day spent in the park and in the MySpa, you take a seat in the Bistro Terme Merano on the beautiful Terme square, a destination for Merano evenings, you will discover that the cuisine also winks at South Tyrolean raw materials. Alongside dishes from the international gastronomy, you will find recipes that follow the rhythm of the seasons and present the best of the local gastronomy every time, thanks to selected top-quality products.

Thermal Baths & Gardens

Merano is the ideal location for a sustainable holiday. The nearby train station makes it possible to arrive by train and then move around on foot or by public transport. The centre is cosy and well-kept, with many flower beds and green areas. There are numerous nature walks, from the one that follows the course of the river Passirio to the two parallel ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ walks, to the famous Tappeiner promenade that winds its way to the village of Tirolo, above Merano. The nearby Gardens of Trauttmansdorff offer another splendid green oasis with no less than 80 different botanical environments in which to get lost and be inebriated. Those who wish to can take advantage of the convenient Terme & Giardini combined ticket, valid throughout the summer, which includes: three-hour admission to Terme Merano, admission to the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, and a gastronomic voucher worth EUR 10 for the Bistro Terme Merano or the Schlossgarten Restaurant at Trauttmansdorff. Among the partner establishments of Terme Merano, theImperial Art is the smallest hotel in the old town. Its 12 rooms are all different, designed by artists, creatives and designers who have transformed them into small art galleries. termemerano.it