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Christmas table ideas by Giorgia Fantin Borghi

The creations of Giorgia Fantin Borghi, table stylist, for the table of the Christmas holidays

Decorating the table is much more than an aesthetic pleasure. It represents the expression of deep feelings and needs and is, above all, a gesture of love. Giorgia Fantin Borghi, one of the most successful table stylists and an expert in the history of the table , tells us. Her passion for bon ton and the art of the table comes from her family tradition. Over the years she has worked on both private and institutional events, with particular attention to weddings. Villegiardini asked her to prepare 4 ideas for an elegant and sophisticated Christmas table , with some suggestions on how to recreate them. Here are the four enchanting proposals, in which refined objects and original stylish decorations meet, giving timeless sensations that make the Christmas atmosphere magical and evocative.

Blue and gold table.

Tavola di Natale Elegante

Rediscovery of the past and hope for the future’Blue is a very deep colour and one that instils tranquillity. I find it particularly appropriate at the present time, when we feel a strong need for serenity and hope for the future,” he says Giorgia Fantin Borghi. “When I make a set, I often think about what people are feeling and what they need. I try to make tables that complicate the view a little but not the thought. In the moment of anguish we find ourselves in, the table must be flamboyant. I consider it a cure for sadness. Tavola di Natale Elegante Gold, on the other hand, has always been a very appropriate colour for Christmas. In this case, an overlapping of fabrics has been created: a piece of embroidered fabric placed on top of an old coloured sheet, which creates a wonderful contrast. “I imagine them romantically in front of a stained glass window with snow falling from it. Tavola di Natale Elegante To make this table, Giorgia Fantin Borghi recovered forgotten objects that she had not used for a long time, such as her grandmother’s service consisting of only 6 pieces. “An invitation to dust off old memories that made our hearts beat”. It is a very simple table to reproduce. “The centrepiece is made of snowy branches and small flowers that can be found anywhere. In order not to make it flat and to give it structure, one idea could be to raise it slightly with small cake stands or simply with an overturned glass”. Finally,the candles, set in the glass, are a small detail that gives a magical touch to the table. “I consider them to have a strong symbolic value,” continues Giorgia Fantin Borghi, “which recalls our fragility and at the same time our need for transparency.

Blue and gold table, how to make it

Dish, flat plate and bread plate: Rosenthal – Turandot Heritage Collection Gold cutlery: Sambonet – H-Art Collection Glass: Empoli Glassworks Flower Design: Vertuani Fiori Fabric: Atelier Gianluca Saitto

Snow table

Tavola di Natale Elegante

A soft cuddle for every occasion”When I made this table setting, I thought of two things I was missing: winter and snow. It’s a table that could make children of all ages happy. Not only at Christmas, but also on a simple Sunday to make it special. A decorated table is like a lady who wants to dress up for important occasions, which can also be everyday occasions”. Tavola di Natale Elegante This deconstructed table is also very easy to recreate. Just use simple cotton wool worked by hand. “Taking the time to prepare a beautiful table is a way to take care of ourselves and others. Especially at a time like this when we’re housebound, getting our eyes used to beauty is a way to feel better and pampered”.

Snow table, how to make it

Flat plate, dessert plate and bread plate: Ceramiche Toniol Black cutlery: Sambonet – Rock Collection Glass: Empoli Glassworks Flower Design: Vertuani Fiori

Antique pink table

Romantic dream”This table is very romantic. When I made it, I thought of girls celebrating Christmas together. The antique pink creates a warm and cosy atmosphere. Flowers, candles and fir branches give the table an unmistakable Christmas feel. “One suggestion is to break the branches into very small pieces to make them more versatile and easy to use. Special attention is paid to the napkins, which are embroidered and placed in the centre of the plate. “Usually the napkin is never noticed, unless you know how to enhance it”.

Antique pink table, how to make it

Flat plate and dessert plate: Laboratorio Paravicini Gold cutlery: GFB Glass: Rosenthal – Dynasty Klar Collection Flower Design: Vertuani Fiori Fabric: Atelier Gianluca Saitto

Classic green table

Tavola di Natale Elegante

Creativity beyond the rulesClassic and traditional, this table is characterised by precious silver cutlery, coloured glass and some small details such as the sprigs of red berries and eucalyptus that adorn the napkins. For this elegant and sophisticated Christmas table, Giorgia Fantin Borghi has used refined teacups adapted as gravy boats for meat gravy. “Not using is like not having, every now and then it is nice to rethink objects in a different way. It is a bit of a synthesis of what the table represents for me , which is not only made up of rules, but also of beauty and creativity. Everyone can learn, the important thing is to start, and then practice will make you perfect”.

Classic green table, how to make it

Green underplate: Vetrerie di Empoli Dinnerand dessert plate: Rosenthal – Heritage Midas Collection Silver cutlery: Sambonet – Perles Collection Glass and tea cup: Vetrerie di Empoli Floral design: Vertuani Fiori

The art of the table according to Giorgia Fantin Borghi

Giorgia Fantin Borghi, author of these 4 ideas for an elegant and sophisticated Christmas table

Author of these 4 ideas for an elegant and sophisticated Christmas table, Giorgia Fantin Borghi is one of the most established professionals in the wedding planning sector and in the organisation of special events linked to the art of the table and good food. Giorgia, a great expert in wedding etiquette and the history of the table, is responsible for the design, organisation and production of exclusive weddings and events , as well as workshops on table wedding etiquette. She also collaborates with some of the best Italian chefs (Arrigoni, Bartolini, Cerea, Cracco, Mei,) and has published the books Matrimonio da Sogno and di Donne con un Diavolo per Capello. She is also the protagonist of the television programme on the history of etiquette and table manners, broadcast by RAI 2.

Ideas for an elegant and sophisticated Christmas table, Giorgia Fantin Borghi’s proposal in shades of green

The art of the table is an art to be recovered for both women and men, and for children it can even become an educational method. I see it as a way of creating very strong bonds. The main events of the past have always taken place around tables, from great loves to great wars. Is there a more important place in history?” he concludes. Cecilia Dondi .