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Tassotti: a delicate and elegant Easter 2023

Tassotti presents for Easter 2023 a proposal of decorative paper, notebooks and diaries, cards, boxes and stationery with a green imprint, in which the inspiration drawn from natural elements is evident. Unmistakable subjects and patterns belonging to botany and the world of animals, declined with delicacy and vigour, interpreting Nature and its rebirth as a treasure to be preserved, always in the Tassotti style. A collection of exclusive Made in Italy handcrafted objects, with attention to detail, precious and long-lasting, designed according to the true tradition of Italian craftsmanship: different decorative paper patterns, for countless possible combinations – with a new and super trendy effect. There is a wide range of greeting cards designed especially for the party: the original subjects – images of fruit, flowers, animals and historical symbols – are taken from the Tassotti art print collection. The patterns are all vivid and realistic. Among them, the bright, spring-like tones of ‘Peonies‘ stand out, where fresh, vivid shades of pink are in line with the latest trends.

Delicate and elegant in its soft and sophisticated nuances, ‘Forget-me-nots‘ represents the flower of remembrance and eternal love, with its iconic bright blue colour, on which a butterfly rests gracefully, replicated also in the greeting cards in large and small sizes. We also find more leisured and sweet fantasies, light and fun: kittens in funny poses, elephants and turtles are perfect for children and for creating everything needed for an “egg hunting” party. Self-assembling boxes with lids made of 300 g cardboard come in three sizes and complete with matching envelopes. Available in assorted subjects taken from the Tassotti collection, they are the custodians of the most precious gifts or become gifts themselves. That’s not all. Recognised throughout the world for its high quality, Tassotti paper is printed exclusively in sheets with high lightfastness, vegetable-based ink and on a hand-coloured, opaque, acid-free backing. Characteristics that make it ideal for wrapping cakes, biscuits and chocolates with extraordinary effects. Tassotti paper is completely recyclable, as is the packaging and the film with which it is wrapped, in biodegradable PPL. Grafiche Tassotti has consolidated its partnership with Love Paper, a global campaign to promote the sustainable and prestigious qualities of paper; Tassotti supports and products have also acquired FSC certification, which guarantees that the paper comes from a responsibly managed forest and supply chain. An important turning point, which is part of an ongoing process of positive growth for the brand. tassotti.it