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Serandite, new trends

Serandite: This invigorating shade takes its inspiration from the vibrant rare mineral of the same name – As a softer coral shade, Serandite is a colour that nourishes the mind, body and soul, pairing well with neutrals for those who want to ease this shade into their home but also works well as a trendy colour for those who want to make the leap. Check out the full edit below!

Covet House quote. Product name: Sofas | Orange Living Room with Klaude Sofa Description: Karim is constantly looking at the world around me and criticising objects, seeing how they would be redesigned. Klaude Sofa is one of his designs that is not worked with embellishments but has a more human and sensual connection to us. The elegant sloping sides are quite inviting and invite you to sit down. This ice cream sandwich sofa is the epitome of modern and contemporary design with its curvy lines that are both trendy and stunning. Constructed with high quality fabrics that will stand the test of time, this luxury design piece is extremely comfortable and will be the focus of any modern living and design project anywhere in the world.