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Schoenhuber: Pane, amore e…Lèkuè

Smelling the aroma of freshly baked bread, sinking your hands into the dough, witnessing the magic of rising: experiences that instil a sense of well-being, even just imagining them. Making bread at home, however, is not for everyone. Precisely to meet the needs of those who wish to try their hand at bread-making, Lékué, a Spanish brand distributed by Schoenhuber, proposes a series of tools that make each step easier and faster. Lékué moulds and accessories make it possible to make sandwiches, crispy and delicious pizzas and are all made of platinic silicone, a material of the highest quality. Ideal for use in the kitchen in contact with food, it is resistant to high temperatures, maintains the taste of each ingredient and guarantees uniform cooking. Starting with the practical Bread maker, a flexible container inside which ingredients can be weighed, kneaded and baked, limiting the use of other dishes and thus the time spent cleaning up afterwards.

To make different formats, Lékué has designed a series of moulds that guarantee optimal baking and the right degree of humidity for every type of bread, from baguettes to cassettes and even smaller formats ideal for appetisers or snacks. Even baguettes will have no more secrets using the practical baguette mould , which allows you to create the perfect shape and maintain even baking thanks to the micro-holes in the mould. The same mould is then baked in the oven to achieve the right mix of softness and crunchiness. Finally, the breadstick mould allows you to prepare thirty breadsticks at the same time, in a conventional oven or in the microwave. For those who wish to experiment with different textures such as the oriental bao, Lékué has designed a handy silicone case that allows the buns to be steamed, creating the necessary moisture and preventing the dough from drying out or getting too wet. Finally, the choice of yeast is fundamental in the creation of bread and pizza: those who wish to venture into this magical world can now count on the Kit for mother yeast, ideal for making and keeping it alive with great simplicity. schoenhuber.com