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Essence Workshop: dreaming of summer

Officina delle Essenze transports us to faraway places that already smell like summer with an ambient fragrance and a car fragrance box set.

Brezza Marina takes us on a walk among the rocks, breathing in the intense, salty scent of the Mediterranean. Marine notes of juniper and maritime pine bring the freshness of the waves into the home. The Car Fragrance Kit in the Mediterranean version is the perfect soundtrack to this summer. To experience the journey while enjoying wonderful sensations provided by elegant scented notes. The three fragrance sprays come in a precious little box, perfect for storing in the glove compartment.

Spray perfume gun

A walk among the rocks while breathing in the intense, salty scent of the Mediterranean. Brezza Marina diffuses the freshness of the waves crashing on the rocks into the rooms. The vibrant smell of the wind blowing from the pine forest bending the treetops. The sparkling magic of a sea that looks like a starry sky at night.

Family: Marine-aromatic
Olfactory notes: Juniper, Marine note, Maritime pine

Car Fragrance Kit

The car curves towards the sea, the eyes fill with an infinite, majestic crystal blue. A small fishing village dozes, while the gentle lapping of the waves moves the boats ashore. Immersed in the Mediterranean maquis, we experience a journey of many nuances: from the paradisiacal seabed to walks along green paths, a vital energy bursts forth and caresses the sense of smell with centuries-old scents.

Fragrances: Sea Breeze, Pure Fig and Pure Neroli

Officina delle Essenze has been niche perfumes for the person and the environment since 2001. A family-run company where the rule of “that all-Italian know-how” that has made Made in Italy great in the world still applies. The brand has an ambient fragrance line of 23 fragrances, available in diffusers with wands, spray guns and small car sizes, along with a personal fragrance line with Eau de Parfum and Eau de Cologne. The identity of the brand is reflected in its image: a red that represents the passion with which it is carried forward. An ideal design in every context, precious and refined to always represent something unique. officinadelleessenze.com