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Monteverro: restyling labels

Monteverro, Terra di monteverro, Tinata 2019 and Chardonnay 2020 – the first organically certified vintages – sport a new, more contemporary logo. The Capalbio winery inaugurates a graphic redesign project to create an aesthetic synergy with the winery’s philosophy of elegance and linearity

Set amidst the rolling hills of the Costa D’Argento, one eye on Capalbio and one on the sea: this is the essence of Monteverro, a jewel of a winery in southern Tuscany almost on the border with Lazio, what those who live there like to call the authentic Maremma. It is here that the rows of vines wind their way, an embroidery as far as the eye can see that traverses spaces and seasons, and sees cross-cutting initiatives that embrace culture, music and art. In this reality, which tells its story through its wines, but which also wishes to speak a different lexicon, finds reason for the graphic change implemented.

We carried out a restyling of the iconographic part of our products,” says Monteverro’s marketing team. “The idea was to create a more contemporary, light logo, a mirror of our philosophy that sees the estate – the winery, the vineyards and the work team – as a synergic and harmonious system of which the wines are the expression, an immediate idiom with which to converse with our public“.

Less is more, then. We get rid of the superfluous, not a sudden change of course, but a revisiting to tell how Monteverro has grown and evolved over these twenty years. The stroke became lighter, the logo got rid of the background colour to bring out the design of the M, a smaller font was chosen for the name of the wine and the year abandoned italics for greater readability. To take care of the restyling, the agency NSG – Strategic Branding Communication, of Bergamo, an undisputed point of reference in the world of Italian wine design.

Even the lines of the designs in the background are becoming lighter,” they say. “Our flagship wines – Monteverro, Tinata and Chardonnay – have always sported labels evocative of the vineyards they come from. We have chosen to keep them but make them even lighter, like a quotation, a cue, a whisper.” Simplicity translates into elegance, lightness into refinement, the fonts chosen into legibility. “A transformation that tells how we have evolved and how the winery has an increasingly contemporary soul, while at the same time maintaining its roots in the territory and tradition. Balance, harmony, passion and love and respect for nature: these are the key words of this evolution“.

With our restyling we wanted to enhance what already existed, renewing an image that was consolidated in the consumer’s mind,” says NSG. “The lightening of the illustration and the branding take us towards essentiality giving a more contemporary, exclusive and Italian feel to the clothing. A larger and more spacious label, a rationalisation of the fonts, the choice of a very fine paper and the refined ennoblements are all details that contribute to increasing the perceived value of these bottles and to communicate already from the packaging that Monteverro’s wines rank among the best of the great Tuscan wines.”

Monteverro has therefore implemented a restyling that tells of an evolution rather than a change in identity. Even for the world of wine, it is necessary to adopt open languages that are able to win over an increasingly attentive and selective public.


“An aesthetic change that is also the mirror of a substantial evolution,” conclude the winery. “2019 is a very important vintage: it is the first 2019 is completely organic of the entire range”. From the initial conventional have gone – more than 10 years – to an organic approach and in 2017 the road to certification was taken: thus began the 2-year transition to have a certified product on the label. “It wasan awareness and progressive on the importance of working to preserve as much as possible the land that hosts us,” explains the winery’s work team. “And today, the soil analyses that we do regularly tell us that the biological conduction is paying off for a more lively soil, the bees that we host – sentinels of the environment – are productive and happy among the flowers of the green manure.” In a broader vision of respect for the place, for the past couple of years the estate has also been home to an organic vegetable garden of the employees, where everyone makes a contribution and at the end the fruits of a collective, organic work, respectful of the seasons, are harvested. A new image for Monteverro, but its philosophy centred on respect for nature, its values and its times remains intact.

A few facts about Monteverro

It was born at the beginning of the 2000s from a visionary idea of owner Georg Weber, who was looking for the ideal place to give life to his project of producing wines of excellence. The choice is almost already written: an unconditional love ties Georg to Tuscany, but the real intuition is having chosen as his new home an area a little outside the traditional wine circuits. An authentic and natural land, rich in tradition and authenticity. A great deal of work in the vineyard and careful choices in the cellar have been repeated for 13 vintages to give life to Monteverro’s 6 excellent wines: the leader Monteverro, made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot, its younger brother Terra di Monteverro from the same grapes, a pure Chardonnay and an intriguing Syrah Grenache called Tinata and two base wines, Vermentino and Verruzzo. monteverro.com