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Locherber Milan: DOLCE ROMA XXI

With its fresh, fruity and floral notes, DOLCE ROMA XXI is the fragrance by Locherber Milano that immediately takes you to the Eternal City, which in spring is a riot of flowers and greenery. An olfactory journey that evokes walks through silent alleys, afternoons spent in the gardens of Villa Borghese while the roses bloom, or in the pine grove of Villa Doria Pamphilj, surrounded by the rich and sumptuous beauty of palaces and fountains, but also by the temptations of the “dolce vita” Fresh and sensual, DOLCE ROMA XXI celebrates with intensity and passion the essence of a city that always has been and always will be. Floral and fruity top notes evoke the enveloping atmosphere typical of the season of flowers and love.

Locherber Milano

The bouquet of DOLCE ROMA XXI opens, in fact, with fruity aromas of pineapple, apple and red grapes, a sweet prelude to citrus notes of bergamot and currant that give the fragrance freshness and vigour, in an elegant aromatic architecture that evolves into hints of rose, fig and olive woods. The Mediterranean is then ignited by the Orient when amber and patchouly come to the senses, finally giving way to the warm, sweet and enveloping finish of musks and vanilla.

DOLCE ROMA XXI is part of the Skyline Collection: elegant bottles with a sleek, contemporary design, crafted by Italian master glassmakers in dark smoked glass and embellished with the iconic T2 cap in wood, marble or stone with which to customise the diffuser. Among the materials available are Travertine, French Red Marble, Honey Onyx and Petra: ancient marbles and semi-precious stones pay homage to the magnificence of the Urbe, in a collection of rare stoppers shaped by expert hands. Authentic masterpieces that combine uniqueness, craftsmanship and design.

Locherber Milano

Locherber Milan

Born in Milan, Locherber is a luxury home fragrances brand committed to keeping Italian talent and craftsmanship alive. A 100% made-in-Italy authenticity that is proudly preserved and carried forward with passion: exclusive fragrances and design objects handmade in Italy, with attention to the smallest details to make places and occasions special. This is how not only the fragrances but also the room fragrance diffusers are born, expressing the flair and originality that come from craftsmanship. Not mere ‘perfumers’, but unique pieces that tell the story of the Italian lifestyle appreciated all over the world loves: from the exclusive design of the hand-painted glass bottles, to the iconic stoppers made of precious woods, marble, semi-precious stones and terracotta that recall classical decorative art or natural forms, to the use of unusual and rare materials. Every detail is carefully studied, nothing is left to chance, but is the result of careful and refined choices. The same care that characterises the design of the diffusers is declined in the fragrances created with the help of expert Maître Parfumeur who select the best essential oils in their areas of origin. An olfactory universe created to generate pleasant emotions and give sensations of well-being. locherbermilano.com