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John Deere launches electrification and connectivity

With a host of new models and technology solutions, John Deere is driving the evolution towards electric power in professional grounds care. John Deere is expanding electrification and connectivity on its golf course equipment, offering customers the opportunity to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable without compromising on performance. The new John Deere E-CutTM all electric and hybrid model series completely eliminates the use of fuel and engine oil and introduces connectivity as standard across the entire range of golf equipment.

John Deere

The new 185 E


and 225 E-CutTM all-electricgreens

Thanks to their near silent operation, the John Deere E-CutTM greenset singles extend the operating window, allowing the operator to work early in the morning or late at night. The mower completely eliminates the use of fuel and engine oil. One of the key components of electrification is reliability and battery life. The individual John Deere E-CutTM greens can cover around 4,650 m² on a single charge thanks to their 58 volt, 3.2 kWh lithium-ion battery. Both machines are equipped with the advanced TechControlTM display, which allows superintendents to enter their cutting frequency based on the speed of the helical cylinder and the forward speed. In addition, they offer the possibility of positioning the handlebar at 10 different heights, as well as longitudinal adjustment and an industry-exclusive closing turn mode for maximum comfort and ease during operation and turning. The 185 E-CutTM model has a cutting width of 46 cm, while the larger 225 E-CutTM performs a 56 cm cut.

The new 6700A E-CutTM and 7700A E-CutTM hybrid fairway quintuples

The electric helical cylinders of the new John Deere fairway quintuples save up to 30% fuel and reduce noise, without compromising on performance. The new models extend the product range and offer a more environmentally friendly way of working. By eliminating more than 150 points of hydraulic leakage, the risk of such an occurrence is reduced by 90%. Cutting in difficult conditions or verticutting can be performed without any problems. The LoadMatchTM function slows down the machine speed when the engine is under heavy load, maintaining the speed of the helical cylinders and prioritising quality. The 6700A E-Cut is a 3-wheel hybrid fairway mower for outstanding manoeuvrability on tight turns.

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Standard connectivity for golf course equipment

John Deere has been at the forefront of connectivity for agricultural equipment for many years, and now the golf industry can also benefit from the advantages of connectivity and the John Deere Operations CentreTM. In 2023, John Deere will introduce connectivity as standard on many golf machines, which will provide a fleet-wide management tool and offer a history of mowing operations along with accurate documentation of machine utilisation, fuel levels and diagnostic fault codes. In addition, it will be possible to configure perimeters and demarcated work zones. Both functions will inform the user in the event of suspicious use, increasing protection against theft. The software is free of charge and available as a mobile application and browser version. With the new golf course equipment, John Deere is at the forefront of connectivity. The latest technology and the renowned reliability of John Deere machines will continue to increase efficiency and quality in the future. deere.com