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Hörmann: technology for efficient logistics

For the new SAF Holland warehouse, Teamlog GmbH Spedition und Logistik has chosen the excellence of Hörmann enclosures and loading and unloading technology. The new SAF Holland warehouse for order management and product storage was recently completed at the headquarters in Aschaffenburg and has been entrusted with logistics services by Teamlog GmbH Spedition und Logistik. Active in the logistics sector for more than 20 years, Teamlog chose Hörmann solutions to make the best possible use of the limited space available, without compromising on the efficiency and flexibility of the loading and unloading stations.

The aim of the project was to create a logistics centre with alarge covered area and supported by state-of-the-art loading-unloading technology. “The new 13,500 m2 hall was built,” explains Stefan Hohm, Purchasing Manager at Teamlog, “making optimal use of the remaining available area on the site. We reduced the manoeuvring space for the trucks to a minimum, opting for the use of angled prefabricated hatches equipped with the most innovative docking systems. Hörmann was selected as the sole supplier of the nine loading and unloading stations, sectional gates and loading platforms.”

Optimised space even at peak times

The prefabricated hatches open onto the main front of the hall: their special design allows trucks to approach the building at an angle (160°) instead of at a right angle (90°). Thanks to the choice of this angle, it was possible to increase the internal surface area available for the storage areas, while at the same time increasing the energy performance of the structure. With regard to the hatches, Teamlog had carried out tests with different angles for the docking of lorries, in order to determine the optimum conditions to facilitate the manoeuvring of articulated lorries. The tests also took into account the traffic during peak hours: every day there are between 20 and 30 truck dockings, just for incoming goods, and as many for outgoing goods. Having identified the 160° angle as the most effective, Teamlog turned to Hörmann who, being able to offer different hatch angle variants (from 30° to 150°), was able to produce this special version with a 160° angle.

In Aschaffenburg, Teamlog chose prefabricated 160°-angled hatches from Hörmann, which are supplied together with sectional overhead doors and loading/unloading solutions.

High thermal-acoustic performance

Certified in accordance with DIN EN 1090 for steel and aluminium load-bearing structures as well as CE-marked, Hörmann prefabricated hatches feature LHP 2 side walls and roofs made of double-walled steel panels (60 mm thick). These components combine high weather protection with maximum noise reduction during operations. The choice of industrial sectional overhead doors favoured the Hörmann SPU F42 model: this is a door consisting of double-wall steel modules (42 mm thick) with a cavity filled with polyurethane foam to guarantee high thermal insulation. Moreover, in these special hatches, the shed door does not close on the loading platform but behind it, on the floor of the shed, further improving the thermal-acoustic performance. All doors are fitted with a particularly scratch-resistant Duratec glazing – only available on Hörmann products – which ensures visibility to the outside and the entry of natural light.

Ready for the unexpected

For the hydraulic loading platforms, Teamlog opted for two different Hörmann versions with different load capacities. It therefore installed six HRT hydraulic dock levellers (6 kN nominal load) and two HTL 2 dock levellers (9 kN nominal load), one of which is 3.50 metres long to overcome particularly large differences in height between the ramp and the loading surface. “For SAF, the 2.50-metre long platforms with a 6 kN load would have been sufficient,” Stefan Hohm continues, “but we also wanted to equip ourselves with a longer platform to cope with unforeseen situations; this could be the case, for example, with the use of special forklifts, which require a longer loading platform.” All loading-unloading points are complemented by pairs of shock-absorbing buffers and Hörmann WBM entry aids, which, thanks to the curved shape of the steel tubes, form a ‘funnel’ that is particularly appreciated by drivers, as it helps them to dock perfectly centred at the loading-unloading point.

Effective protection

The swing-arm design and special open profiles of the Hörmann DSL isothermal gantries are particularly flexible horizontally and vertically. When pushing the isothermal gantry, the front frame moves slightly upwards, preventing damage. To divert rainwater, the header is tilted forward so that the water drains towards the front edge. The robust SB 20 steel impact buffers consist of a shock-absorbing, full-surface inner core and a protective outer corner plate, which rests on the edge of the dock. The plate evenly distributes the force from the approaching truck over the entire surface of the buffer, protecting it from wear and tear. Behind the plate, the eight air chambers of the octagonal buffer provide excellent shock absorption . “Ordinary buffers wear out quickly,” says Hohm, “but in this case we opted for a high-quality and durable solution.”

One of the loading-unloading points is coupled with a 3.50-metre-long Hörmann loading platform, to which trucks with 3-metre-long lifting hatches can also dock.

Efficient service

“When tendering for the doors and the loading-unloading technology,” Hohm continues, “in addition to product quality and price, we also looked very carefully at the service, which we needed to be extremely efficient.” The Hörmann company was therefore also chosen for this further important aspect, and the after-sales service proved to be up to expectations, right from the start, following the damage sustained, after a collision, by the sectional door used for the daily express parcel vans. “Hörmann technicians were immediately on the scene and quickly repaired the door.” In the case of this door, the electrically operated opening/closing system drives the Hörmann WA 300 S4 shaft drive, which is particularly suitable for less demanding logistics applications. The motorisation is powered by alternating current (230 V), but operates with direct current (24 V) instead of three-phase current (400 V), for ease of installation, with daily electricity consumption reduced by up to 75%.

Silent and safe

The standard Soft-Start and Soft-Stop systems give the door a smooth and quiet operation, contributing to operational savings for sectional overhead doors and prolonging their service life with minimal maintenance and repair costs. The effort limiting system is installed as standard to minimise the possible impact of the door against people and property, automatically reversing the direction of movement if necessary. In Aschaffenburg, a large Hörmann FST 90-1 sliding door has also been installed, which, in the event of a fire, automatically operates to prevent the spread of flames to the adjacent area of the hall, for at least 90 minutes. The galvanised door has an integrated pedestrian door without a threshold, so that there is no need for an emergency door in the fire wall.

TeamLog GmbH Spedition und Logistik

Active in warehouselogistics, consultancy and transport and logistics services, TeamLog GmbH Spedition und Logistik is a medium-sized company based in Aschaffenburg (Germany); its customers operate in the automotive, medical and industrial sectors, as well as electronics, retail and clothing. Founded in 2000 by partners Bernd Oberding and Jürgen Huth through a management buy-out, the company now employs more than 400 employees and operates eleven locations in the Rhine-Main metropolitan area, with approximately 160,000m2 of logistics space.

The Hörmann WBM entry aids are positioned in front of the prefabricated hatches, forming an entry funnel which, thanks to the curved shape of the steel tubes, helps drivers to dock perfectly centred at the loading and unloading point.

SAF-Holland S.A.

SAF-Holland is the largest independent supplier of commercial vehicles, listed on the European stock exchange, market leader in North America and present in most markets worldwide. The Luxembourg-based group is one of the leading manufacturers of chassis modules and components, mainly for trailers and semi-trailers, but also for trucks and buses. In addition to axle and suspension systems, the product range also includes fifth wheel couplings, kingpins and telehandlers and is marketed under the brands SAF, Holland, Neway, KLL, Corpco, V.ORLANDI and York.


The Hörmann Group designs, manufactures and markets doors, garage doors, locks for industry and logistics, loading and unloading technology, fire protection solutions, automation and vehicle access control systems. Founded in 1935, the Group is the sector leader in Europe, has 36 specialised plants (in Europe, North America and Asia) and is present worldwide with more than 100 of its own distribution sites in over 40 countries and with sales partners in a further 50 countries. Currently, Hörmann employs around 6,000 people and generates a turnover in excess of one billion euros. Hörmann industrial doors and loading and unloading technology are synonymous with tailor-made, long-lasting solutions, combining quality, innovation, sustainability and excellent service. hormann.it