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Caleffi: Home Fragrance

Heady fragrances enclosed inunusual packaging that fuses design and character. The room fragrances Mediterraneo, Vento di Mare and Pepe Nero, already present in Caleffi‘s Home Fragrance collection, are now presented in a new guise.

A line of fragrances designed by Caleffi to give home environments a harmonious touch of originality and leave an indelible imprint in the memory of their guests, not only through smell but also through sight. In fact, the new packaging includes a transparent glass container, to enjoy the colour of the essence inside, embellished with a carved wooden diffuser, depicting some elements of the natural world such as trees and leaves.

Strictly made in Italy, these enveloping fragrances refresh and purify spaces, in a skilful balance of relaxing and stimulating sensations, and are able to evoke refined and eclectic atmospheres. caleffionline.it