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Boho chic: Offbeat Style With A Touch Of Glam

When we talk about boho chic furniture, we are referring to the style that recalls the Bohemian period of 19th century artists. The meaning is in fact the abbreviation of bohemian, which, together with the French term chic, denotes a creative and somewhat non-conformist character, but always linked to elegance and a touch of class. This genre was born in the fashion world around the 2000s. It then began to influence the interior design sector with hippy objects and accessories with a FarWest and ethnic touch. A journey that starts in Africa, crosses India and touches on Morocco. A way of furnishing spaces with colours, flowery and geometric designs that unite very different cultures in perfect harmony.

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  • The beauty of colours
  • A green touch
  • What should never be missing


The boho chic style does not suit lovers of minimalist homes. It is not suitable for those who prefer rooms with few furnishings. One of the aspects that make boho chic stand out and put it in stark contrast to minimal is filling every corner of the room. Transforming every room into a container of different objects that vary in origin and design, creating a perfect mix of old and new. Cushions, poufs, sofas, stools, blankets, curtains and lights that blend together despite being very different from each other in the same space, making every home and every room unique and unrepeatable.

As well as being original, this type of furniture is also very suitable for those who like to reuse old things. In fact, any object can be adapted and transformed to make it perfect in our boho chic living room or bedroom. Another relevant and funny aspect is that it is never complete, it can be enriched with objects from travels, flea markets and old attics. Everything can be integrated at any time. For this bohemian style the living room may be suitable, but also choosing boho chic as bedroom furniture with colours either as furniture or as wall decoration can give it an extra touch of extravagance.

To accommodate this style, furniture with very clean lines and made of natural materials such as cotton, jute, bamboo, solid wood (link to article), rattan, glass and wool are ideal. This applies to all rooms in the house from the bedroom to the living room but also to hallways and entrances. Choosing neutral materials is the right choice to accommodate the very colourful boho chic.


The beauty of colours

One feature that makes this kind of furniture unique is the presence of a lot of colour. Homes that adopt this style are full of shades, from furniture to objects. Any colour is perfect. No rules. The colour palette from which to draw is vast and offers a wide choice, even among colours that are hardly suitable for certain rooms in the house. Boho chic allows you to dare with colours such as purple, red, blue and orange. This is because its origins, partly hippie, also link boho chic to nature, to landscapes such as Morocco and India, with floral but also geometric themes that blend with perfect colour.

A green touch

When you choose to decorate with boho chic, you also choose to respect the environment. In fact, houses are full of vegetation that complement and, at the same time, decorate them. As well as having a decorative purpose, plants also have afunction on a par with furniture, as they can be used as a room divider in a loft or a large room. They fit perfectly into this very hippie type of furniture to accentuate the sensation of a warm and welcoming environment. It is precisely because of this green predisposition that verandas, conservatories and terraces can also naturally accommodate this style.


What should never be missing

Like all types of furniture, boho chic has its must-haves. Some of the fundamental elements to adhere to this genre are super vintage objects (second-hand markets and flea markets can be a great inspiration), carpets with natural fibres or coloured designs, cushions with floral or geometric prints, tassels and fringes can never be too much, fabrics for curtains, blankets and bedspreads reminiscent of the East. Every object is decoratable and can be adapted in line with the rest of the environment such as upholstered poufs, chairs and armchairs, ceramics and equipment. Everything is in the spirit of fantasy. This style embraces multi-ethnicity to make spaces full of colour for free spirits but always with a touch of glam.


Carlotta Cigliana