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Baccarat presents the Faunacrystopolis collection

Baccarat presents Faunacrystopolis, the new collection of furnishing accessories and jewellery in crystaldesigned by Spanish artist and designer Jaime Hayon. A proposal with an original and imaginative style, characterised by a strong pop style, on the borderline between design, art and decoration. “Crystal is a fascinating and always surprising material that reveals all its secrets when it is cut, sculpted and illuminated by the talent of Baccarat’s artisans,” says Jaime Hayon. “It is by exploring the infinite possibilities of the material that the magic is released.”

And this magic was unleashed thanks to the creativity of the Spanish designer. Inspired by the animal world, he has created highly original sculptures, a monkey candelabra, an interpretation of the Japanese Maneki-Neko and a cute little blue bird.

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  • The Carnival of the Animals
  • Monkey Candelabra
  • Faunacrystopolis by Baccarat
  • New interpretations of great classics Baccarat

The Carnival of the Animals

Baccarat Cristallo

A tribe of six crystal animals, in a limited edition, consisting of an owl with a hypnotising gaze, a fox with a pointed snout, an adorable koala, a rabbit with straight ears, a mischievous monkey and a carefree frog. Placed on a Carrara marble base (pink or green), these creatures celebrate the beauty of nature while, between fantasy and emotion, suggesting the importance of protecting our environment

Baccarat Cristallo

Hayon gives a new twist to animal sculpture, balancing past and future, Baccarat heritage and creativity. He revisits existing codes to invent new forms and recreate the personality of each species. the lines, all soft, are dressed in electric nuances, deep cuts and geometric patterns.

Baccarat CristalloMonkey Candelabra

With the Monkey Candelabrum, Jaime Hayon offers an uninhibited version of Baccarat crystal, light, playful but always sophisticated. With its round face and large ears, the animal is transformed into a small design object. With one eye open and the other closed, the primate shows its joie de vivre in every room of the house

Faunacrystopolis by Baccarat

Cristallo BaccaratManeki Neko

The Maneki-Neko, the “inviting cat”, a traditional Japanese talisman that brings good luck and prosperity, is revisited with a dose of humour and fantasy combined with its traditional forms. The little feline is decorated with original motifs in the shape of a mouth, eye, diamonds, arabesques, stars and paw prints: the animal’s ears, eyes, mouth and whiskers are emphasised with a gold thread applied by hand by the manufactory’s gilders. The Baccarat Maneki-Neko is also depicted just as it begins to stick out its tongue: good luck and joy all rolled into one


The bluebird is a mix of poetry, vision and meticulous work on the material. Perched on legs transformed into a pedestal, the little animal seduces with its pure lines carved from a single block of crystal. One detail makes all the difference: bevels in the material design the wings and create reflections of light.

Cristallo Baccarat


New interpretations of great Baccarat classics

Zenith chandelier

The collection includes a reinterpretation of the Zenith chandelier: admired and coveted, it has stood the test of time, revisited by the greatest international designers. With the limited edition of 50 pieces, “Zenith Faunacrystoplis”, the designer highlights his joyful vision of the art of living Baccarat lampadario

Hayon explores the possibilities of the material and draws on the company’s know-how to offer an original creation. For the first time, the twisted arms of the chandelier are dressed in champagne-coloured crystal. The pink and mist grey colours are combined to enhance each element, pendants, octagons, bells. The finely cut crystal lampshades of the “Candy” series give the final touch to a delightfully soft light.

Thumbler setBicchieri Baccarat

Again to highlight the savoir-faire of the manufacture’s craftsmen, the designer creates a set of 4 glasses, each beautifully engraved with an original design. The beveled cuts draw the eye to the bottom of the glass, where the Baccarat logo playfully changes place. Whether showing its tongue or winking, none of these fantastic creatures in geometric patterns will leave anyone indifferent

Pop Ring

Faunacrystopolis is complemented by Pop, a limited edition ring with vibrant colours, pure lines and balanced volumes. Available in 4 colours, the ring is decorated with original motifs engraved and gilded in pure gold by Baccarat’s master craftsmen.