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Rock ‘N’ Fiocc: The Home Of The Famous Closet Organiser

Venturoni Studio signs the home renovation of Giulia Torelli, aka Rock 'n' Fiocc, and her copy writer partner

Skilful play of shades and contrasts between different tones that characterise the different souls of the home. This is the mood that distinguishes Giulia Torelli’s design for her home Venturoni Studio for the home of Giulia Torelli, known as Rock ‘n’ Fiocc , a well-known influencer, and her boyfriend Beppe, a copywriter. The design challenge, the architects explained, was to create spaces and environments perfectly in line with the influencer’s personality and her approach to life, dominated by a particular preference for the colour pink. At the same time, her partner’s personality.

Rock ‘n’ fiocc house, two different but complementary souls

The two owners of Rock ‘n’ fiocc house have different souls and tastes. The challenge was to harmonise and unite the two parts through colours and materials. In fact, on the one hand we needed a rich and dreamy look that reflected Giulia’s story telling. On the other it was necessary to highlight Beppe’s synthesis and irony. The bathrooms are the two areas where this approach is most evident, where pink and concrete clash with no holds barred. In the living area, design pieces alternate with morepop pieces. This creates the right atmosphere for the next “story” or for a relaxing evening watching a film.

If the two bathrooms have a well-defined character with clear, homogeneous colours, in the rest of the space the palette expands. Lilacs, blues and purples create ever-changing environments for the influencer’s outings. From this point of view, with its delicate shades, the bathroom becomes the beating heart of the home. A “casket” of design further embellished by the geometric and refined shapes of the Cleo 84 taps by Fir Italy in Silky Rose finish from The Outfit programme.

Venturoni Studio has always paid particular attention to the needs of the environment and the protection of primary resources. For example, saving in terms of water consumption. For this reason, it has relied on the complements of Fir Italia, which installs a “green” aerator as standard on all its washbasin taps. This helps to reduce the water flow rate by about half

Chiara Cazzani