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Hamptons: a wave of vintage charm

A slice of paradise near Long Island, the Hamptons has been attracting the attention and interest of millions of visitors to the USA for generations, thanks to its history and innate elegance. A place to bathe in New York, but not only.

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  • Paradise in New York
  • Wellness and culture

It is well known how stressful living in a large metropolis can be. Lots of commitments, stress and monotony. A continuous assembly line from which every inhabitant sooner or later needs to escape. New York is certainly one of the modern cities that most embodies this spirit. So it happens that its inhabitants, tired of their daily routine and the rhythms it entails, decide at least for the summer to take refuge in places where they can not only relax, but also enjoy themselves. So, as soon as the weather starts to get warmer, they pack their bags and leave. But which is the most popular destination for New Yorkers? Without a doubt, the Hamptons.

Paradise in New York

Where are the Hamptons located? Is located to the southeast of the New York peninsula, Long Island.

East Hampton and Westhampton. A collection of villages and residences. A place of nautical charm. The story that begins way back in the 1600s, when a community of British Puritans settled in the area. Since that day, it has been difficult, if not impossible, for the inhabitants of the area and the surrounding area not to succumb to the charms of the Hamptons.

From ‘Moby Dick’-style whalers to the 1920s when the Big Apple’s wealthiest people threw lavish parties to the beat of the Charleston and the taste of bubbly champagne. It’s now 2021, but the place’s dual nautical and glamorous charms remain alive. In Montauk, for example, you can admire the lively spirit of the local fishermen or, for the more sporty, ride the Atlantic waves on a surfboard. If you’re looking for luxury, wellness or comfort, Sag Harbor is the place to go. Sag Harbor is a delightful little village full of boutiques and home to the oldest and most famous hotel in the area, the American Hotel.

But let’s get one thing straight: the Hamptons is definitely not for everyone. The costs for those who decide to spend their holidays there are high. Many young people therefore opt for “shares”. This is a way to cut costs by renting a villa in a group. Houses in the Hamptons are indeed famous and dream places.

However, those who decide to move from the metropolis to the Hamptons for their summer holidays are mostly wealthy families or people from the upper classes. Among them are the Clintons, who often organise fund-raising events here, taking advantage of the people who visit the area, or even the film director Steven Spielberg, who for years now has been unable to resist spending at least one weekend in this beautiful place.


Wellness and culture

New York has the sea and everyone loves it, yes. But the Hamptons is not just about wellness and fun. It is a centre of culture, architecture, art and cinema. The famous artist Jackson Pollock lived in the area, more precisely in East Hampton. Francis Fleetwood, a famous architect, not only redesigned the entire style of the peninsula, which after World War II was a simple and minimalist place, but designed villas in the area for many VIPs such as the famous Beatles frontman Paul McCartney. Not only home and refuge for many artists and VIPs past and present, but also set for countless famous TV series, such as “Royal Pains” or “Something’s Gotta Give”.

A fascinating place coloured in white and blue. The Hamptons through its villas and clubs manages to relax and amaze not only the soul of the visitor, but also the viewer. The architectural style of the place, although sometimes confusing with the French Provençal style, is easily recognisable thanks to some recurring elements. Large windows, white curtains, wood and crystal chandeliers are just a few of the many design and furnishing features.

Honoré de Balzac used to say, “One becomes rich, one is born elegant”. What Balzac said is absolutely true and the Hamptons is proof of that. Certainly the place has undergone a great transformation and enrichment throughout history. But the elegance, or as the French say, the charm, has always been there. The colours, the sea, the breeze, these are what capture the soul of visitors. This is how it has been and will be for a long time to come.