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Suzuki Connect: your car always connected with you

Suzuki Connect app available on S-Cross Hybrid free of charge for 36 months, and all services are just a click away

This is a unique offer on the market and one that sets Suzuki apart from the competition

Suzuki Connect is granted retroactively to all those who have registered their contract from October 2022 to the present (if registered within 12 months of the date of registration)

The Suzuki Connect app establishes a connection between the car and smartphone and offers advanced assistance features to manage and monitor the car at any time and from anywhere

It has been 114 years since Michio Suzuki created an innovative loom in his Hamamatsu workshop in March 1909 that could process textiles quickly and accurately and improve the living conditions of his mother, who was a weaver.
Throughout this century of history, Suzuki has consistently placed its customers at the centre of attention, maintaining a balance between established traditions and the new frontiers of innovation. This particular dedication continues to guide the choices made by Suzuki which, from 13/03/2023, is offering the suite of services linked to theSuzuki Connect app free of chargefor 36 months to all customers of the S-Cross Hybrid range who are increasingly interested in new technological trends and connectivity. In concrete terms, every customer who buys an S-Cross Hybrid with 1.4 48V and 1.5 140V engines will be able to take advantage, at no cost and for a full 36 months, of the services offered by the Suzuki Connect app, a smart and advanced tool, full of useful functions that make daily use of the car easier, more practical and safer. Three-year access to Suzuki Connect is also granted retroactively to those who have already purchased the car between October 2022 and today(if registration took place within 12 months of the date of registration).

A package of advanced features

Suzuki Connect is an app that allows drivers to stay connected to their S-Cross Hybrid at all times and stay informed about its status. In addition to monitoring the car, the Suzuki customer can interact with it at any time and from anywhere. Suzuki Connect allows you to receive notifications when you forget to lock the doors or turn off the headlights or hazard lights and remediate these forgetfulnesses remotely, via the app. The smartphone can also be used to check the fuel level and remaining range, as well as the possible causes that led to a warning light coming on. If the suggested remedies do not solve the problem, the app also allows the user to call the nearest or trusted dealer and request roadside assistance. Suzuki Connect allows detailed monitoring of the car’s performance, providing a history of driving sessions over the past 18 months. For each trip made, one can check the point of departure and arrival, the time taken, the distance covered and the average consumption. In addition, there is the opportunity to analyse the data, aggregating it by driver and also classifying it according to personal or business use. When retrieving the car after parking it, Suzuki Connect helps locate the car, showing it on the map on the phone screen and letting friends and family share its location.
Useful functions are the safety alerts, which arrive in the event of alarm activation and unexpected engine start, and reminders of periodic maintenance, to which are added invitations to drop by the workshop during update campaigns. auto.suzuki.com