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Guests at Knud Hansen ‘s house in Denmark

Knud Hansen owns Hellerup Manor and he opens the door of his home. Every home contains a story, telling it in a vocabulary expressed not in words but in lines, materials, stylistic choices and aesthetic taste. There are luxury homes in which the present stories intertwine with the ancient ones to create a tale of wonder. In the heart of Funen, the romantic Danish island where Hans Christian Andersen was born, past and present live in harmony in a 17th-century castle. Overwhelmingly beautiful.

Hellerup Manor is now the private home of Knud Erik Hansen, managing director of Carl Hansen & Søn, the Danish company that has specialised in the production of furniture for over 110 years. A true design icon, whose creations have contributed to the “Scandinavian design” trend.

The story of Knud Hansen‘s encounter with Hellerup Manor is steeped in the charm and magic of rare events, which the owner, however, describes in the most succinct terms: “it was love at first sight”

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  • Targeted intervention respecting cultural heritage for Knud Hansen
  • Iconic furniture and irreplaceable collectors’ items
  • Hellerup: Architects and design excellence
  • Fairytale castle with a modern spirit
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  • Knud Hansen

Targeted intervention respecting the historical and cultural heritage for Knud Hansen

The timeless beauty of the historic house left no room for doubt, even though the residence, purchased in 2002 by Carl Hansen ‘s descendant, Knud Hansen, was not at its peak. The house was therefore in need of complex restoration work. As a listed building, the house is under the protection of the Danish Cultural Agency. They imposes restrictions and strict rules on the purchase and renovation of historic properties.

The work must be carried out with absolute respect for certain pre-existing elements that cannot be altered. Colours of the walls, which have been preserved in their original shades since the period of construction.

The work was entrusted to architects specialising in this type of intervention, “Bue Becks and then Thomas Hillerup of Design Studio Vaag worked meticulously to preserve the soul of Hellerup Manor and ensure its protection as a property of historical and cultural interest”. A challenge that Knud Hansen took on with great responsibility. He dedicate himself to the project with great care, “aware of the immense cultural heritage it has”.


Knud Hansen


Iconic furniture and irreplaceable collector’s items

The exceptional qualities and meticulous restoration work have made Hellerup Manor a unique building. The realisation of a dream for the Hansen family, as well as the perfect backdrop for iconic pieces of Danish modern design. Carl Hansen & Søn’s furniture is complemented by the creations of Rud Rasmussen, Denmark’s oldest furniture maker, which the company acquired in 2011. The rarefied atmosphere of the place is accentuated by the picturesque garden surrounding the house of Knud Hansen.

The neoclassical simplicity of the exterior with its all-white walls contrasts with the red tiled roof and original windows. This opens up inside to an ambience that plays with the fusion of Scandinavian and European styles. From the ground floor to the attic, the house’s large spaces, with white lacquered wood-panelled walls, stucco ceilings and planked floors. Punctuated by several living and dining rooms, two kitchens, a bedroom, guest rooms and a wonderful hall.

Hellerup: outstanding architects and design

The harmony between past and present reaches perfection in the interior. Hellerup is home to furniture by famous names such as the iconic CH24 Wishbone Chair by Hans J. Wegner and classics by Ole Wanscher, Kaare Klint, Mogens Lassen, Poul Kjærholm and Frits Henningsen  “Alongside these classics, there are more recent pieces that highlight Carl Hansen & Søn’s collaborations with established modern design visionaries, such as Danish designers Strand & Hvass, Thomas Bo Kastholm and Japanese architect Tadao Ando

The interiors of the house combine design, antiques and art, many of which he collected during his 21 years of travelling for the Danish shipping company East Asiatic Company. Pieces that Knud Erik considers irreplaceable because “they are precious mementos that give the house a very personal touch”.



Fairytale castle with a modern spirit

Today, Hellerup is a fairytale castle with a modern spirit that, in addition to its impeccable aesthetics and top-quality furniture, is able to convey that sense of hygge. A design house of relaxed sharing, rooted in Danish culture. Knud Hansen favourite place is in fact the attic. A comfortable and relaxing place to spend time with family and friends, especially during the long winters.
The need for cosy corners has become even stronger in the last year, when life worldwide has moved indoors. Transformations of  relationship with the spaces in the home and its needs. An important change that for Hansen translates into “an increase in demand for multifunctional furniture in natural materials with a relaxing effect on the mind”.

A concept that can be found in Børge Mogensen‘s Daybed, a design from the 1950s that underlines how the use of natural materials and attention to comfort and well-being in the home has always been a priority in high quality furniture.
Hellerup Manor tells the story of a family that through the combination of simplicity, aesthetics, choice of excellent materials and craftsmanship, carries on a complex of values and traditions that are the basis of a design admired all over the world.

Maria Teresa Morano




Knud Hansen